Mobile recruitment: a missed opportunity for employers?

Employers are not embracing mobile recruitment opportunities

Employers are failing to take advantage of the opportunity to access job candidates via mobile platforms, new research from Personnel Today finds.

Mobile recruitment remains a minority pursuit in 2014, despite the proliferation of devices used. There is a clear mismatch between jobseekers’ enthusiasm to use mobile tools as a means to find and apply for jobs, and employers’ willingness to enable them to do so.

Only one HR professional in five polled actively seeks to attract and engage potential candidates via mobile devices, and 75% do not use mobile recruitment at all. The remaining 5% are unaware of whether their organisation does or does not use mobile recruitment.

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Two-thirds of employers have taken no action to support mobile recruitment. Among the remaining one-third that have actively supported it, the most widespread move taken is to make their career site mobile-friendly. A further one in five sends job alerts by text message. Only a small number of employers have created either a mobile career campaign or a mobile career app.

Around half of all jobseekers use mobile devices to search and apply for jobs, according to analysis from Indeed. But nine employers in 10 surveyed by Personnel Today do not know how many people visit their organisation’s website each month via a mobile device. The remaining one in 10 that were able to share such data are fairly evenly split between those who say that between 11% and 25% of all monthly website visits are via mobile devices, and those say that mobile users account for 25% or more of visits.

The research also reveals a general lack of awareness as to how mobile-friendly corporate websites tend to be when it comes to recruitment. Nearly half of those polled have never visited their organisation’s own site on a mobile device to search and apply for jobs.

But where employers have assessed the mobile-friendliness of their site for jobseekers, around two-thirds have done so within the past month.

The data drew on responses to poll questions from 92 HR and recruiting professionals taking part in a September 2014 webinar on recruiting mobile candidates from Personnel Today in association with Indeed, which is now available on demand.

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