More embarrassing incidents

Supplied by readers in our December 2006 survey

1. Trained with my flies down.

2. A student who was blind in one eye sat on the wrong side of the room to be able to see. He sat there for the whole week.

3. As I was walking around the room chatting to delegates, I fell backwards over a briefcase with my legs in the air. I was wearing a skirt.

4. Two of my delegates fell asleep during a training session and one fell off her chair.

5. I asked delegates to tell the group a story about themselves. One launched into a lurid account of her sexual adventures the weekend before.

6. My blouse buttons were done up incorrectly. I asked the delegates for examples of open and closed questions and one said: “Why have you buttoned up your blouse like that.”

7. I had a heavy cold and sneezed into a cup of coffee during a training session spraying mess everywhere.

8. Water was coming in through the ceiling of the training room, so I had to train with a cup under it and empty it at regular intervals

9. Two delegates walked out of a training session in a huff after I had challenged some of their assumptions.

10. I was running an induction session and hadn’t taken a register. A man turned up and said “Is this the Toby Carvery induction?” I said “There’s always one, isn’t there?” And he said “No, I’m really from Toby Carvery.”

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