New decade. New demands. New insights. 2020 Workplace Learning Report

New decade. New demands. New insights. Explore the 2020 Workplace Learning Report

LinkedIn Learning’s 2020 Workplace Learning Report is here! Researchers asked 1,700 L&D professionals, 2,900 people managers and 2,000 learners globally

about their priorities, challenges, and what really inspires them to learn. The results came as some surprise.

Find out what L&D professionals are focusing on in 2020 in our annual Workplace Learning Report.

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In this report, we will explore the answers to four questions:

  1. How are learning leaders resourced to scale learning and
    engage executives to create a culture of learning?
  2. How do L&D pros measure the impact of learning and define
    learner engagement?
  3. What can L&D pros do to transform managers into
    learning champions?
  4. How are your peers upskilling and reskilling employees to
    prepare for what’s ahead?

With additional UK-specific insights, explore all of this and more in our 4th annual Workplace Learning Report.

LinkedIn Learning is a leading online learning platform that helps professionals learn relevant skills and achieve their goals. It combines a library of 15,500+ up-to-date courses in multiple languages with an engaging, intuitive, and personalised learner experience. LinkedIn Learning also includes real-time skills insights that help learning leaders identify skills gaps and learner needs.

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