This month’s news

Aspirin aspirations

New uses for aspirin was the theme of a conference held at the Royal College
of Surgeons in Ireland. Researchers also reported on a pulmonary embolism
prevention trial which showed a reduction in post-operative DVT and pulmonary
embolism in patients who took aspirin.

Gloves case win

A former staff nurse at Cardiff Royal Infirmary has been awarded £100,000
after she had to give up her job when she developed severe eczema from the use
of rubber gloves. Diane Chambers developed contact dermatitis in 1990 but her
managers refused to provide her with alternative gloves. She retired through
ill-health in 1997.

Hep B protection

Booster doses are unnecessary for long-lasting protection against hepatitis
B, according to a paper recently published in the journal Vaccine.
"Lifelong protection against hepatitis B – the role of vaccine
immunogenicity in immune memory (Vaccine, vol 19/7,8), concludes that
long-lasting protection against hepatitis B is afforded following the primary
vaccination with highly immunogenic hepatitis B vaccines due to the induction
of immune memory.

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