Jackie Bornor has been appointed HR manager for the corporate practice at
law firm Clifford Chance. Before this she was development manager at the
Woolwich HQ in Bexleyheath, Kent.

Jonathan Duckworth will join Harley-Davidson as its new European HR
director. He has been the Rugby Football Union’s HR manager for the past
three-and-a-half years and will start with Harley-Davidson in June once the
rugby season has finished.

Nick Foyle has been appointed the new director of learning and development
at KPMG Transaction Services. He has experience in retail banking, investment
banking and insurance with appointments at Midland Bank, Merrill Lynch,
Shearson Lehman, and Prudential Assurance.

Coates has joined William M Mercer as a European partner and head of the
performance and development team. Starting with Hewlett-Packard, she has been
an HR consultant for 12 years.

Elsie Akinsanya has been appointed HR director of research company Mori.
Before this she worked at contract research organisation Quintiles and the
King’s Fund.

Karen Janman has been appointed director of consultancy at flexible work
specialist The Resource Connection. She will be responsible for a team of
occupational psychologists and management consultants.

Top Job

Katie Mather has been promoted to director, human resources and
vice-president, Europe, Africa, and Middle East region for Kodak. She joined
Kodak in 1985 as personnel officer and has held a variety of HR positions
including director of employee relations for the UK. Her new role makes her one
of Kodak’s most senior female employees outside the US.

She will be based in Kodak’s European HQ in Geneva, where her
responsibilities will include the management of HR, pensions, benefits and
health, safety and environment for Kodak in the three regions. About 160
HRstaff will report to her.

Mather said, "I am looking forward to what is going to be a personal as
well as a professional challenge, involving as it does a move abroad with a
partner and three young children. Professionally, I like to think that I can
bring an open-minded approach to tackling key HR issues combined with energy
and enthusiasm.

"Kodak is an organisation which operates in a constantly changing
environment and I hope I can help create a work environment where employees
feel motivated and challenged."

Personal Profile

Chevous has been appointed as HR director of cinema operator UGC cinemas. She
joins from the former high street store C&A where she played an active role
in managing the closure and redeployment of some 5,000 staff.

What is the most important lesson you have learnt in your career?
To have high expectations of people and that they will exceed them.

What is the strangest situation you have had to deal with at work?
Announcing the closure of a business which had traded for more than 75

If your house was on fire and you could save one object, what would it
My teddy bear and make-up bag.

If you had three wishes to change your company, what would they be?
Our three-year strategy is already established, resulting in a vast
increase in profitability and the office relocation to my home town.

What is the best thing about working in HR?
Being part of the development of a company and the individuals in it.

What is the worst?
Being able to do relatively little for people facing a personal crisis.

You have stumbled upon a time machine hidden in your company building.
What time period would you visit and why?
Back to the future, 20 years ahead then I won’t waste a moment of it.

If you could adopt the management style of an historical character, whose
would you adopt and why?
Sir Ernest Shackleton, an exceptional leader who motivated his team and
showed incredible bravery and judgement.

If you were to write a book, which subject would you choose to write
The amazing lives of the "ordinary" people I know.

What is your greatest strength?
Getting the job well done.

What is your least appealing characteristic?
Probably impatience but it may be not knowing what my least appealing
characteristic is.

What is the greatest risk you ever took?
Dismissing a pub manager who was a known arms dealer.

CV: Suzanne Chevous

2001 to date HR director, UGC Cinemas
2000-2001 Director of HR, C&A
1993-2000 Employee relations and training manager, then divisional HR manager,
1989-1993 Management development manager, Grand Met
1986-1989 Recruitment officer, then Training Officer, then personnel manager,

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