Police Service to launch graduate fast-track scheme to boost applicants for senior posts

A graduate fast-track scheme may be launched in the Police Service for the first time to help drive up the number of applicants for senior officer posts, the government revealed last month.

The Green Paper on policing, From the Neighbourhood to the National: Policing our communities together, admitted all 43 forces in England and Wales needed to encourage potential top police leaders to join the service.

“A new graduate fast-track scheme will be developed by the National Policing Improvement Agency to attract top-quality graduates from leading universities into policing, with the prospect of quick progression to senior ranks for those who merit it,” the paper said.

The programme will be run in collaboration with the creation of a national police leadership college, which will approve applicants to join the chief officer rank and provide training for senior officers.

Earlier this year, MPs at a policing select committee warned there were “difficulties” recruiting senior police posts. Labour MP Karen Buck said: “Something is driving a relatively low number of applicants at chief constable level.”

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