Pornography surfing at work loses its thrill

are far more likely to be addicted to web news and shopping than pornography, a
survey has found.

survey by Websense, the monitoring software provider, shows 24 per cent of
respondents thought shopping sites were the most addictive, while 23 per cent
thought news had the greatest attraction.

per cent considered pornography sites as the most addictive while 8 per cent
voted for gambling.

70 per cent of people surveyed admitted surfing news sites for personal
reasons, with 37 per cent saying they accessed shopping and auction sites from
their desks.

2 per cent admitted that they looked at pornography at work.

we saw the most abuse in pornography and gambling sites, now we are seeing more
time spent on shopping and news sites," said Harold Kester, chief
technology officer at Websense.

By Quentin Reade

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