Project Management training is the key skill

TheCyberInstitute provide a comprehensive range of on-line soft skill training courses in Leadership, Communication, Finance and Personal Development.

The most popular topic in March was ‘An Introduction to Project Management’; this course covers the basic concepts of project management, the role of a project manager and the basic skills required to successfully manage a project and project personnel.

Designed for managers at all levels in any business sector, at the end of this course they will be able to understand the project management process, from conception through to development and completion the basic principles, key concepts of project management and common project management terminology.

The second and third most popular courses in March were: An Introduction to Performance Management and Creating Professional Presentations.

Warren Bresler of Dyscover, who are TheCyberInstitute’s UK partner, said:

“We are delighted with the enthusiastic response of both individuals & SME’s to our courses. In particular job seekers seem to recognise that if they are looking for a new job or a promotion they need to be proactive and develop their knowledge base. It’s not just specialists who have to understand how a project is organised; even leaders of small teams need to know the terminology and structure of a project.”

He added “Our 65 online courses mix audio, video and course notes into a compelling structure and whatever the topic all of them share three common values they must be Effective, Convenient and Affordable. Although we offer an un-conditional 100% money back guarantee none of our customers has asked for a refund.”

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