Quiz: do you have oomph?

Take the oomphometer quiz – jotting down your answers – then find out how much oomph you’ve got!

Q1 You have completed a successful HR project and won an award. Do you…

a) Sit back and bask smugly in the glory for a few weeks – no need to work too hard for a while you deserve a break after all that hard work?

b) Thank your team and allow yourself some quiet satisfaction for a job well done, but immediately start thinking about the next, even better project to develop the workforce and add value to the business?

c) Worry that you didn’t really deserve the award at all?

Q2 Do you know your company’s share price?

a) Yes, of course, you check it every few days and it comes up regularly in conversations with managers in other departments.

b) No, it’s not part of your role to know about the nitty-gritty of the company’s finances – that’s what the finance director is for.

c) You know it, but don’t really understand what it means or why it changes.

Q3 Do you see HR as…

a) A fulfilling career managing the firm’s greatest asset, which will stretch and inspire you in equal measure?

b) It’s fine for now, but eventually you’d like to get a job in a department that makes a real difference to the company’s bottom line?

c) A fluffy back-office function with no real value?

Q4 You are conducting interviews for a new role in the HR department. Three very different people have applied. Do you pick…

a) Brenda, the HR lifer, who has worked her way up the ranks and knows HR processes like the back of her hand? While she does not come across as the sparkiest applicant, you know she will be reliable.

b) Mel, the ex-sales assistant? She will need a lot of training and supervision as she has no previous HR experience, but comes with a glowing reference and is full of enthusiasm.

c) Kate, a graduate with all the academic skills on paper but no workplace experience?

Q5 You think of a brilliant idea that you know will have great bottom-line implications for the company. Your managing director says no. Do you…

a) Slink back to your office, defeated?

b) Throw a tantrum, threaten your MD and end up with a disciplinary warning?

c) Call a follow-up meeting and provide concrete evidence that your idea will work?

Q6 Which iconic toy do you most identify with?

a) Play-Doh.

b) Mr Potato Head.

c) Weeble.

Q7 A senior line manager has made a decision that you feel compromises the values your organisation professes to stand for. Do you…

a) Do nothing – it’s not your place to interfere with management decisions?

b) Report them to their superior and hope they will be fired?

c) Explain your feelings sensitively to the manager and offer to set up some coaching for them?

Q8 Your chief executive demands endless streams of paperwork and data to prove HR’s competence. Do you…

a) See filling in forms as the best bit of the job and do this enthusiastically?

b) Agree to complete the paperwork, but suggest alternatives to present a more rounded picture?

c) Refuse altogether?

Want to know how much oomph you’ve got?

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