Redundancy deal improved for Northern Ireland MoD civilian staff

Ministry of Defence civilian staff in Northern Ireland are to get an extra £14,000 lump sum as part of their redundancy deal.
As the government continues its massive security scaledown about 1,500 workers will be made redundant between August 2006 and December 2008.

Workers will also be given retraining allowances of up to £1,000 and extended access to the MoD outplacement services for 12 months, armed forces minister Adam Ingram said.

The enhanced payments are on top of the normal occupational severance packages for civilians whose jobs are going, along with those of more than 3,000 Royal Irish Regiment soldiers based in Northern Ireland.

“While normalisation is good news for Northern Ireland, it also brings substantial change for our civilian workforce and my department has been working hard to draw up an enhanced redundancy package for those affected,” Ingram said.

The Army has also pledged to make every effort to find alternative employment within the MoD or in other government departments for staff affected by the process.

Applications for voluntary redundancy – with the same severance package – will be invited.


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