SHL launches ground-breaking personality questionnaire in 31 languages

SHL, the global leader in talent assessment solutions in the workplace, today announces a revolutionary breakthrough in personality assessment, with the launch of the next generation of its internationally recognised Occupational Personality Questionnaire, OPQ32. The new product, known as OPQ32r, uses the latest advancements in test theory to deliver an assessment that is twice as fast to complete as the previous version, as well as being more precise.

Through developing a deeper understanding of the decision process people go through when responding to personality questionnaires, SHL has been able to reduce the number of statement choices in each question from four to three. This not only reduces the length of the questionnaire to just 25 minutes, it also makes it less complex to complete, widening its application potential and improving the assessment experience.

From an employer’s perspective, the OPQ32r also offers greater clarity of an individual’s profile, through enhanced precision of measurement and more accurate resulting information. It has also been designed to be just as hard for those sitting the questionnaire to ‘fake’ their profile.

David Leigh, CEO, SHL Group, said: “Our customers rely heavily on the OPQ32 to make the best possible people selection and development decisions, but there has been a desire for it to be faster and easier to complete. With the OPQ32r, we have responded to this, creating a better overall candidate experience, while at the same time delivering a more powerful and precise personality assessment – the best of both worlds.”

“The new assessment makes it even quicker and easier for employers to identify the right people for the right roles in their business, something which is critically important in today’s competitive environment. Plus by halving the time the questionnaire takes to complete, candidates also benefit in our increasingly time-poor society. SHL prides itself on leading the market in research, development and innovation, and the launch of the OPQ32r is a perfect example of the benefits this can bring.”

The OPQ32r is available online in 31 languages through the advanced SHL On Demand assessment system and via SHL’s bureau service.  This enables candidates to complete the assessment from any location at any time. The OPQ32r is fully back-compatible with older versions of the OPQ32 enabling customers to benefit from comparable outputs, including the wide range of reports available for use by trained users, line managers and candidates.


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