Smart men boost earnings by marrying educated women

who marry well-educated women earn more money, new research shows.

study, published by the Institute for Social and Economic Research, a
department of the University of Essex, shows that highly motivated career women
provide a good example in the home and boost a man’s earnings by more than 10
per cent.

of the report, sociologist Dr Malcolm Brynin, said the research shows the
marriage market and the work market are more interlinked than people realise:

couples are asked what attracted them to each other material factors often
feature quite low down, but people do gauge the value of potential partners by
their education and future earning power.

things that make someone attractive in the labour market are the same qualities
that make them attractive in the marriage market," he said.

and his co-author, economist Marco Francesconi, analysed data from the British
Household Panel Survey, covering 10,000 individuals from 5,500 households
between 1991 and 1999.

By Quentin Reade

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