The Guardian Jobs guide to employer branding

A powerful employer brand with a well-executed employee value proposition (EVP) at its core acts as a two-pronged tool to inspire both internal and prospective talent.

By approaching an employer brand with the same amount of care as a consumer brand, a business can make its employees feel just as important as its clients and customers. Never is this truer than when it comes to ensuring public-facing policies and beliefs are echoed internally.

The reason Etsy received so much praise for its decision to broaden its parental leave to 26 weeks regardless of gender, country of residence or family circumstance is because the policy sits squarely within Etsy’s mission to reimagine commerce for an equal, forward-thinking world.

A well-articulated EVP is a great tool to deepen employees’ understanding of the business they belong to and its aims. This has an effect on both productivity and work satisfaction, as people who understand what they’re working towards then know how they can best contribute – so much so that Willis Towers Watson reports that organisations with a defined EVP are 93% more likely to financially outperform industry peers.

Communicating your employer brand throughout the business creates brand ambassadors across all levels, who can speak comfortably, confidently and consistently about your business and its objectives.

In this guide, Guardian Jobs will interrogate what constitutes both an employer brand and an EVP, as well as weigh up the benefits for employers of investing in this area. They’ll also look at several best-in-class examples from across industries and provide top tips on how to bolster your business’s own employer brand.

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