The power of celebration: driving change with the Princess Royal Training Awards

Major societal shifts like globalisation and digitisation are transforming the world as we know it, and ramifications are spreading at a lightning quick pace throughout the working landscape.

Skills shortages abound across industries, and nowhere is immune to the impact of change. Formal education is no longer enough; people must continue to learn and acquire new skills throughout their working lives.

Employers are therefore coming under increasing pressure to create and retain an inspired and productive workforce that is ready for the future.

This new reality places a huge amount of responsibility on employers, not only on the wellbeing of the individual but for the organisation – it is no secret that thriving employees lead to thriving business. They are also playing a key role for society; where organisations develop a highly skilled workforce, the economy thrives and whole sectors are better set up for the onslaught of change.

Thankfully, HR and L&D teams all over the country are proving up for the challenge. In recognising the value of investing in the skills of their workforce, they can keep up with changes in technology and futureproof their business.

Of course, developing powerful programmes takes a huge amount of time and resource. So often HR and L&D teams are so busy that they don’t have time to take a step back and think about the difference it has made.

But it is critical that they do.

That’s why the Princess Royal Training Awards were designed; to capture the true impact of learning and work-based training.

The Princess Royal Training Awards honour organisations with outstanding training and skills development programmes resulting in exceptional benefits. It is the only award that links training directly with business success, and therefore gives L&D, HR and others the kudos they richly deserve.

From technical skills to coaching, leadership to mental health, L&D programmes can take many different forms as employers look for the best way to both develop and nurture their workforce.

In the five years since they were introduced, 165 organisations have been awarded the prestigious accolade, and the ripple effect is remarkable.

The value for employees

79% of employees worldwide want more focus on L&D at work. So finding businesses that are prioritising workplace training shows we are moving in the right direction. Princess Royal Training Awards alum from leading skincare brand Dermalogica said they are absolutely committed to helping employees achieve their professional goals, and make sure their people are clear about what’s in it for them; “we believe learning must be accessible and trackable so people can see where the value is and how it will impact personal and professional growth”.

Employee voice is a common thread through Princess Royal Training Award winners. One L&D manager at RBS revealed his pride in hearing employees tell assessors about the difference that participating in their programme had made to their career.

The impact on the business

Princess Royal Training Award recipients identify considerable benefits from the recognition received. 74% say it helps with staff retention, whilst 50% were received increased investment from the business for future training programmes. The University of York said winning the award helped improved its reputation – attracting both students and staff.

Ricoh, recognised for its transformational leadership programme, told us that through networking with others they learned more about the value of training apprentices – and have now established an apprenticeship strategy. The award has also brought the L&D team much closer to strategy, enabling them to evidence the impact of their programme and to deliver even more for their core business.

The influence on society

The Princess Royal Training Awards celebrate innovation and excellence in L&D. Honouring organisations of all sizes, sectors, and with a huge range of developmental focuses, it is an opportunity for professionals to share ideas, and  gives businesses a benchmark to aspire to, regardless of whether they are a multinational conglomerate or a regional microbusiness.

The Awards also provide a platform to raise awareness about pertinent societal issues. Recipients Home Instead, who offer care for the elderly, said that receiving the award is helping them change the face of aging – getting more people to understand the value of undertaking high quality training in Dementia and End of Life care – important as people live longer.

Achieving the award

There is so much that goes into creating training that has high quality. That’s why the Princess Royal Training Awards follow an incredibly robust process that requires unquestionable evidence that a) training/learning and development is integral to your organisation; b) your programme is designed and delivered efficiently and effectively, and c) the programme has an impact on the success of the organisation and its people. By uncovering the magic in each of these areas, we know that the recipients are the best of the best, and that their work will continue to have an impact for years to come.

When you achieve the Princess Royal Training Award standard you are entering an inspiring group of people in every sector, all over the UK, who believe in the limitless power of learning, and the important role they play in giving everyone the chance to succeed.

The 2020 Princess Royal Training Awards, delivered by the City & Guilds Group, are now open for entries until 31 March 2020. For more information, visit the website here.

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