This week’s international news: more staff for US firms

A record
number of US companies expect to take on extra staff in 2001. A survey by
Manpower found 27 per cent of 16,000 employers questioned expect to expand
staff numbers in the New Year, up from 24 per cent last year. The survey found
only 10 per cent of employers expect cuts, while 58 per cent plan no change.


for rural workers

China is
to run a three-year employment programme aimed at creating jobs for surplus
rural workers. The initiative is targeted at the estimated 150 million-strong
unemployed rural workforce. They will receive training in a range of skills
before being encouraged to return to their home towns to start businesses.


in classroom

Instituto de Empresa business school is to launch a new MBA combining classroom
and on-line learning. The International Executive MBA course is aimed at
managers with at least three years’ experience and classes begin in January.
The course will include e-business and management of multinational


ILO to
cut child labour

International Labour Organisation is working with a west African nation to
reduce child labour. The move follows an ILO study three years ago that found
89 per cent of child workers in Burkina Faso were employed for more than six
hours a day. Seventy per cent worked without pay and 85 per cent endured
“extremely hard” conditions.

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