Time management for the HR professional on-demand webinar

Personnel Today’s latest webinar, continuing our partnership with learning provider lynda.com, aims to help you get to grips with time management in your role as an HR professional. Chris Croft, a management trainer and author of Time Management: Self development for managers, will guide you through the five biggest time traps faced by HR managers, and provide you with the tools to deal with them.

In this webinar we will look at:

  • learning how to delegate and plan together with your team so you are not doing everything yourself;
  • accepting that not everything has to be 100% perfect, all of the time;
  • ways to prioritise what is urgent and negotiate more time for tasks that are less important or can be managed by someone else;
  • the role of email in time management, and provide strategies for tackling your inbox; and
  • beating procrastination and coming up with better systems and lists.

Download the transcription here
Download the slide deck here

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