Today’s graduates expect more from a job

This year’s graduates are demanding more from employers than three or four years ago due to a sustained period of economic growth, according to specialist recruitment consultancy Media Contacts.

The company warns employers that many new starters only expect to stay a year in their first job, unless the package of pay, fringe benefits, training and promotional prospects are to their liking.
Jessica Beattie, who heads up the graduate division of Media Contacts, said, “Students graduating this year saw themselves entering a buoyant job market, with a lot of opportunities and numerous options available to them. Three or four years ago, there were less opportunities and most graduates felt they were up against a much higher level of competition from their peers looking for their first job.”
Graduates need to be convinced they are “making the right choice of career”, and cite money, training, job satisfaction and career progression as the most important factors when deciding whether to accept a position.
 By Lisa Bratby
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