Top 10 HR questions December 2018: Brexit and Christmas parties

December saw some further developments relating to the position of EU nationals after Brexit, but things are still far from certain. A question on EU nationals who are already working in the UK was the most popular FAQ on XpertHR in December.

Festive FAQs on avoiding issues arising from Christmas parties also feature in the top 10.

The top 10 HR questions in December 2018:

  1. What impact will Brexit have on EU nationals currently working in the UK?
  2. If an employee is on sickness absence during a bank holiday, is he or she entitled to be paid or to receive additional time off in lieu?
  3. What can employers do to avoid problems arising from work-related social events?
  4. Must an employer always obtain an individual’s consent before providing a reference for him or her?
  5. Can employers be held liable for harassment that takes place during a work-related social event?
  6. Can unused statutory annual holiday be replaced by a payment in lieu?
  7. As Christmas is a Christian festival, can an employer still hold a Christmas party if some of its employees belong to other religions?
  8. What are the possible outcomes of a grievance?
  9. Is an employee entitled to be accompanied at a meeting to discuss poor performance?
  10. Can an employer anonymise witness statements obtained during a grievance or disciplinary procedure?

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