TUC targets employers who do not train staff

The TUC has warned that the Government must target employers who do not offer training to their staff.

Its Paid time off to learn report highlights the crucial role a new national training programme will play in encouraging employers to offer training to their employees. However, the report warns that the 40 per cent of employers who currently offer no training must be targeted.

The report says that the recent announcement to roll out the Employer Training Pilots (ETP) schemes will help the Government meet their target of increasing the number of workers with skills equivalent to five good GCSEs.

However, it says that the Government cannot simply rely on the good faith of employers to deliver training for the 3 million workers it wants up-skilled to this level by the end of the decade.

Deputy general secretary, Frances OÍGrady, said: “Currently, the UK lags behind the rest of Europe in terms of training at work. The TUC has given strong support to the ETP pilot schemes and has long been campaigning for a national roll-out.

“However, the ETP scheme must reach out to those employers who currently do not offer any training, particularly smaller businesses. There is a clear need for a new right to paid time off to ensure that no worker with these skills gaps is missing out on the training opportunities now available to them.

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