UK companies keen to increase staffing levels

UK companies are confident about their economic prospects
despite the global slowdown according to a recent survey.

Only 34 per cent of businesses believed they would be
reducing the number of employees in their organisation over the next six months
with 44 per cent expecting to increase the number of staff.

The online poll of 150 British businesses carried out by
global recruitment firm TMP Worldwide found that 63 per cent of respondents
said they had been affected by the global economic downturn while 22 per cent
believed they would remain unaffected by the downturn.

The research also shows that skills shortages are continuing
to affect British business. Over a third are finding it more difficult to
recruit middle management and executive staff than six months ago with only a
third considering it easier.

Chris Herrmannsen, CEO of TMP Worldwide eResourcing UK,
Ireland and Scandinavia, said, “In the UK we have lived for some time with
skill shortages in the technology and financial services sectors, but
increasingly we see general managerial, team leadership, change management, and
marketing skills as new problem areas. Despite the cooling down of the global
economy, these skills shortages remain in the UK.”

By Katie Hawkins.
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