Wales smoking ban likely from April 2007

Wales aims to introduce a ban on smoking in enclosed public places from April 2007.

The Welsh Assembly voted for a ban back in May 2005.

However, it had to wait for the Health Bill to gain Royal Assent this summer before it gained the executive powers required to move the process forward.

A consultation, ending next month, is under way and the regulations governing the ban are set to go through several assembly committees and plenary sessions.

First minister Rhodri Morgan said: “The risks of second-hand smoke have been known for some time. If all the legislation goes through Assembly procedures as expected Wales will have a ban on smoking in all enclosed public places from 2 April 2007.”

The introduction of a workplace ban would save a predicted 400 smoking-related deaths a year among non-smokers, it is estimated.

Scotland has already introduced a ban, and England is expected to follow suit in July 2007.

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