Website launched for Freedom of Information Act

Government has launched a website to aid the 100,000 public authorities getting
ready for the Freedom of Information Act, which comes into force in less than
130 working days.

authorities, ranging from doctors’ surgeries to police forces, local authorities
and central government departments, can use the site as a one-stop-shop for
information about the legalisation.

1 January 2005, the public will be able to demand a large range of information
from public authorities, such as minutes of meetings and background material
used to devise policies.

am keen that the legislation stimulates a change of attitude towards official
information throughout our public services, which must realise that they need
to engage the public at all levels," said information rights minister Lord

website will provide a valuable resource for everyone working hard to prepare
for the day the Act comes into force, which is now less than six months

new site consists of all the important information the public authorities will
need. It contains resources created by the Department for Constitutional
Affairs to assist all public authorities in applying the legislation, and will
be constantly updated as more guidance and information becomes accessible.

By Jessica Devonport

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