Win a Fortnum & Mason hamper worth £150 with Guru’s Christmas quiz

Guru usually likes to keep a firm grip on his bulging sack, but with it being Christmas, he has decided to stick in his thumb and pull out a Fortnum & Mason hamper for the bright spark who can delve into his mind and answer the following questions:

christmas1. Which country has a three-day week as a result of Friday being ‘little Saturday’, and Monday being ‘little Sunday’?

2. Which nation came up with a novel final solution to the equal pay crisis?

3. In September, Disciple Sue leapt to the defence of a band of furry foreign workers. Who was their leader?

4. Which country has a crack team of ‘energy police’ patrolling its offices and factories to fine over-dressed operatives?

5. Which organisation lost any shred of credibility it may have had by sending out a press release about time wasted shredding press releases?

6. Where was Guru visiting when he uncovered the great easyfoodripoff scandal?

7. Which nation regularly redefines FaceBok by invading personal space – well, according to Guru, that is?

8. Which country cannot find enough intelligent people to join its police force?

9. What is the nationality of the potato pickers in the UK who were hoping Dimitar Burbatov would get a pay rise?

10. What is Guru’s favourite country this year?

* Clue for undisciplined disciples: visit or the Guru blog and get searching.

Tie-breaker: In no more than 40 words, tell Guru why you should win his magnificent Fortnum & Mason hamper (bribery is not discouraged).

E-mail your answers (not forgetting the tie-breaker) by 12 noon on Wednesday 19 December 2007 to: Please put ‘Christmas Competition’ in the subject line. Don’t forget to include the address you want the hamper to be delivered to and your contact details.

Guru’s Christmas competition is open to UK residents only. The winner will be notified on 19 December.

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