Win classic TV Pufnstuf by sharing your fluff

Guru was last week reminded of a 1960s children’s TV show that should have great resonance for all personnel professionals. It featured a young boy called Jimmy, who was kidnapped by the evil witch Witchiepoo. The eponymous dragon who came to the rescue was – altogether now, you over-40s – HR Pufnstuf.

Many managers believe that ‘puff and stuff’ is all that happens in most HR departments. So let’s not disappoint them.

Guru hereby launches a reader competition to find the fluffiest, least business-critical HR intervention of all time. It is called the Angora Award for HR Pufnstuf, and the prize is a rare DVD copy of HR Pufnstuf, The Complete Series Box Set. Send your tales of HR fluffiness to Guru will guarantee anonymity if requested, but please provide contact details in case you win.

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