Women in the technology sector held back by sexism

More than half of female employees in the technology sector
believe that they will not reach higher levels of management in their company
because male colleagues are arrogant sexists, claims a survey.

The report says that 54 per cent of women are pessimistic
about ever reaching higher levels of management within their present company.

Seven out of ten technology staff who took part in the
survey by FirstPersonGlobal believe male employees are arrogant sexists who
actively preserve the male dominated status quo in many organisations.

Nearly 60 per cent of men compared to only one quarter of
women, believe that women get treated equally.

Nine out of ten workers believe that gender equality has
improved over the past ten years but over two-thirds of men and ninety per cent
of women do not believe that there will be complete equality in the next

“It is clear that these male attitudes are affecting all
employees, both male and female, however it is women that are most affected,”
said Paul Smith, CEO of recruitment company FirstPersonGlobal.

“The study shows that although technology may have advanced
at a pace in recent years, the same cannot be said of male attitudes to their
female colleagues. It is a sad reflection that many women feel that pandering
to the egos of their male bosses is the best way for them to get ahead.”

FirstPersonGlobal polled nearly 300 male and female employees
from the technology sector.


By Paul Nelson

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