Clinical governance

SOM calls for ramping up of OH provision in response to workplace health consultation

The Society of Occupational Medicine (SOM) has published its response to the government’s consultation on improving health at work, noting...

MPs to examine impact of endometriosis on women

8 Oct 2019

A group of MPs is to launch an inquiry into women’s experiences of endometriosis, after research found thousands have had...

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Cleaning staff need better protection against dangerous substances, says health body

23 Sep 2019

Cleaning firms need to do more to reduce workers’ risk of exposure to dangerous substances, the European Agency for Safety...

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More support needed to tackle prescription drug dependence

16 Sep 2019

A review into the scale and causes of prescription drug dependence has highlighted the need for more support services and...

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Occupational health: A specialty worth fighting for?

6 Sep 2019

The numbers entering occupational health and occupational medicine are falling rapidly, and two-thirds of those left are aged over 53....

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People walking to work

Understanding what makes a good occupational health provider

6 Sep 2019

Occupational health providers can capitalise on the growing demand, and appetite, for workplace health solutions – but only if they...

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Learning zone – taking the temperature at first ever Faculty of Occupational Health Nursing conference

6 Sep 2019

From gaining the confidence to write publicly through to one speaker’s personal struggles with addiction; from effective report writing through...

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Call for new national research hub for occupational health

2 Aug 2019

Ahead of the government in July launching its long-awaited consultation into workplace and occupational health, the Society of Occupational Medicine...

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The ‘i’ has it – out with the old (AOHNP) and in with the new (iOH)

2 Aug 2019

The Association of Occupational Health Nurse Practitioners has rebranded as a more multidisciplinary occupational health membership body called ‘iOH’. Nic...

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Inaugural conference builds momentum for Faculty of Occupational Health Nursing

2 Aug 2019

Some nine months on from its launch, how is the newest organisation within the OH landscape, the Faculty of Occupational...

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SOM calls for a Centre for Work and Health to lead OH research

4 Jul 2019

The Society of Occupational Medicine (SOM) has called for a new multi-disciplinary national “Centre for Work and Health” to be...

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NICE guidance urges better communication of sickness absence policies

31 May 2019

Organisations should implement and clearly communicate policies for reporting and managing sickness, according to new guidance from National Institute for...

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Treat air pollution as an occupational health issue, HSE told

20 May 2019

Ambient air pollution should be treated as an occupational health hazard and outdoor workers should receive better protections, according to...

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CPD: Supporting a young woman living with mental ill health

1 Mar 2019

It can be challenging for an employer to know how best to support an employee living with a mental health...

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‘Severe’ flu sees more than 2,000 people needing critical care

22 Feb 2019

Workers have been urged to get the flu vaccine as a particularly severe strain of the virus has led to...

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