National Audit Office criticises government’s approach to disability employment

The government has not yet fully considered how it will get a million more disabled people into work by 2027,...

The ‘ticking time-bomb’ of chronic illness

1 Mar 2019

Many employers and workplaces are simply not set up to accommodate the realities of employees having progressive, chronic, terminal or...

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Occupational health research round-up: March 2019

1 Mar 2019

This month's research includes studies on workplace positivity schemes and the quality of Employee Assistance Programmes.

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Adjustment grants for workers with disabilities to increase

12 Feb 2019

Workers with disabilities will be able to claim up to £60,000 per year to help pay for workplace adjustments when...

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‘We are differently abled, not necessarily disabled’

1 Feb 2019

Angus Baskerville was diagnosed with Asperger’s and ADHD at the age of 15. He told the audience at last year’s...

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Small adjustments in the workplace can help employees with autism.

Making the invisible visible – supporting neurodiversity in the workplace

1 Feb 2019

Neurodiversity in the workplace – workers with autism, Asperger’s, dyslexia and other “invisible” neurological disabilities – was the subject of...

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Improved occupational health access will help NHS achieve long-term goals

9 Jan 2019

Employers have a vital role to play in helping the NHS deliver plans that it hopes will prevent around 85,000...

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Wake up to hearing loss in younger workers

7 Dec 2018

Noise-induced occupational hearing loss is normally entirely preventable. But lack of awareness, especially among younger workers, poor training methods and...

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Young dementia patients more likely to face discrimination in low paid roles

27 Nov 2018

Lower paid workers who are diagnosed with dementia earlier in life are more likely to face discrimination or be dismissed...

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Projects that help workers self-manage health conditions win funding

22 Nov 2018

Almost £4 million in government funding has been allocated to 19 projects designed to help people manage their health conditions...

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CPD: Occupational health’s role following a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes

2 Nov 2018

As our workforce ages and becomes more sedentary, type 2 diabetes is increasingly prevalent. As Soroyo Barnes and Anne Harriss...

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OH provision for small employers could help disabled people into work

29 Oct 2018

Occupational health provision needs to be made more accessible to smaller organisations to help increase the employment rate among those...

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Royal Opera House to appeal against musician’s hearing loss ruling

22 Oct 2018

The Royal Opera House has been granted permission to challenge a landmark High Court ruling in favour of a musician...

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Fifth of arthritis sufferers quit work because of unsupportive employers, warns charity

17 Oct 2018

More than a third of people with arthritis or related conditions are out of work, with a fifth being forced...

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Time to listen up on age-related hearing loss

5 Oct 2018

As our workforce ages, and employers become more reliant on older workers, age-related hearing loss will become an increasingly important...

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