Half of severe Covid patients also suffered injury to the heart

Injury to the heart has been found in half of Covid-19 patients discharged from hospital after suffering severe illness from...

obesity discrimination

‘Urgent need’ to address UK obesity amid Covid outcomes warning

5 Mar 2021

There is an “urgent need” to address obesity levels in the UK, the Royal College of Physicians has warned, in...

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Male ‘night owls’ more likely to retire early due to disability

25 Feb 2021

Male ‘night owls’ face an increased risk of early retirement because of disability, a study has suggested.
According to a...

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Insecure workers at risk of further pandemic harms, OH professionals say

16 Feb 2021

Occupational health professionals believe that those in insecure jobs are the most at risk of further disadvantage from the Covid-19...

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Don’t mask your meaning during Covid-19

5 Feb 2021

What with social distancing and face masks, many people with hearing loss have found communicating during the pandemic to be...

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Guidance aiming to help healthcare professionals manage ‘long Covid’

7 Jan 2021

New guidance has been published on managing the long-term health effects of Covid-19, or so-called ‘long Covid’.
The guidance by...

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‘Long Covid’ can cause breathlessness, organ abnormalities and fatigue for months

9 Nov 2020

An Oxford University study looking at the longer-term impact of Covid-19, so-called “long Covid”, has concluded that a large proportion...

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Mental ill health accounted for more than half of sickness absence in last year

6 Nov 2020

A total of 38.8 million working days were lost because of work-related illness and workplace injury in 2019/20, with more...

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Returning to work after brain injury: unpicking five myths and challenges

6 Nov 2020

Three experts in this field debunk some common myths around returning to work following a brain injury or stroke. It...

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Clinically vulnerable told to avoid workplace

4 Nov 2020

‘Clinically extremely vulnerable’ workers in England are being strongly advised by the government to avoid work outside their homes from...

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One in 20 develop ‘long Covid’, with older women most at risk

26 Oct 2020

As many as a fifth of people who contract Covid-19 are likely to suffer symptoms for eight weeks or more...

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Governments told to prioritise tackling rheumatic and musculoskeletal conditions

12 Oct 2020

Governments across Europe are being urged to create a comprehensive strategy to tackle rheumatic and musculoskeletal conditions, which currently affect...

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Mind the disability gap: why small business must not be a no-go area for occupational health

2 Oct 2020

Small businesses are often thought of as something of a no-go area for occupational health provision and support – not...

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Thousands of stroke survivors missing out on rehabilitation

17 Sep 2020

The estimated 35,000 people who survived a stroke during the pandemic are in need of more support, with many missing...

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Clear face masks for NHS staff to support people with hearing loss

9 Sep 2020

NHS and care workers will be given clear face masks to help them communicate with people with hearing loss, autism,...

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