Health surveillance

Public Health England campaign aims to boost employee health in small businesses

Public Health England (PHE) has launched an initiative to support small businesses to improve work health.
It has linked up...

Workplace health promotion

Does workplace health promotion work? A review of the evidence

2 Nov 2017

Questions raised about the quality of studies reporting return on investment from workplace health promotion initiatives make it worth examining...

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Maintain employee wellbeing to reduce absence

29 Oct 2017

PROMOTED| Our work and personal lives are merging increasingly in the modern world. Working 9–5 has become 24/7.

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Health ans safety ISO 45001

Get ready for the new ISO 45001 safety and health standard

28 Sep 2017

A new international standard for occupational safety and health, ISO 45001, is set to be published next year. In advance...

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Engaging all employees in their Personal Health Status

4 Sep 2017

PROMOTED | It is a well-established fact that healthy employees are more productive and less prone to sickness absence...

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occupational health research: noise

Occupational health research round-up: September 2017

31 Aug 2017

This month’s look at occupational health research includes studies on noise at work and how outdoor breaks can relieve stress...

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Spelling out the occupational health value proposition to business

29 Aug 2017

A document from the Society of Occupational Medicine explains the occupational health value proposition for potential purchasers of services. Nic...

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Flight crews at risk from contaminated air in aircraft

4 Aug 2017

The health of pilots and aircrews could be being put at risk by prolonged exposure to contaminated air within aircraft,...

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Sedentary middle aged office workers' health

Sedentary middle-aged office workers’ health at risk

3 Aug 2017

Most middle-aged office staff now spend as much time sitting down as pensioners, research has suggested, and in the process...

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PHE blueprint for occupational health nurse education sets standards for future OH training

3 Jan 2017

Public Health England (PHE) has set out a new blueprint for occupational health nurse education, designed to respond to the...

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IES conference: the good, the bad and the plain daft in work and wellbeing

2 Jan 2017

The recent annual conference of the Institute for Employment Studies took place just after the health and disability Green Paper...

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Case study: work-aggravated asthma

25 Mar 2016

Work-aggravated asthma is associated with exposure to respiratory sensitisers, such as flour dust. Angela West and Anne Harriss discuss a...

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It isn’t just a rash: why managing skin exposure at work matters

21 Jul 2015

Managing skin exposure at work and the potential for it to cause damage to health is often considered to be...

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sedentary workers

Sedentary workers told to spend two hours a day on their feet

1 Jul 2015

Sedentary workers should be encouraged to spend a minimum of two (but ideally four) hours on their feet every day,...

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fatigue at work

Managing workplace fatigue

3 Jun 2015

In this article, Jane Coombs gives an introduction to the key issues and conditions raised by tiredness at work, the...

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