Health surveillance

Faculty calls for ‘urgent’ research into BAME coronavirus risk

4 May 2020

Dr Anne de Bono, president of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine, has said research is “urgently required” to gauge whether...

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Diabetes, men, drugs, and dementia – why occupational health faces a challenging future

1 May 2020

Between tackling the challenges of rising rates diabetes, men’s ill health, drugs and alcohol, and working-age dementia, occupational health practitioners...

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Coronavirus: a time for occupational health to find positives?

9 Apr 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has been, and continues to be, a challenging time for all professionals, not least those in occupational...

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Occupational health to have ‘prominent’ role in fight against coronavirus

12 Mar 2020

The role and expertise of occupational health professionals is going to become “ever-more prominent” as the UK, and UK employers,...

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How occupational health needs to be responding to coronavirus

6 Mar 2020

With coronavirus expected to have a severe impact on workplaces in the coming months, occupational health practitioners will have a...

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Government urged to do more to prevent silica from becoming ‘the next asbestos’

5 Mar 2020

MPs have urged the government to do more to prevent exposure to silica becoming “the next asbestos”, especially within the...

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Ageing workers will suffer if governments fail to prioritise ill health prevention, warns think-tank

28 Feb 2020

The number of years people will have to live with poor health is set to increase by 17% over the...

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One in nine asthma-sufferers worry it will cost them their job

6 Feb 2020

One in nine people with asthma have lost their job, or worry they will lose their job, because of their...

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Workers spend eight hours per year at health appointments, research finds

30 Jan 2020

The average employee spent 8.3 hours attending medical appointments in 2019, it has been estimated – 2.5 of which during...

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Contaminants on employees’ clothing is a public health hazard, researchers say

29 Jan 2020

Toxic contaminants are inadvertently being brought home from employees’ workplaces and potentially exposing their families to dangerous substances, according to...

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Manufacturers need to use occupational health more proactively, report finds

13 Jan 2020

Manufacturers are investing more in workers’ health and wellbeing than ever, but a more proactive approach – including making better...

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Four in 10 staff have ‘hidden’ health issues

26 Nov 2019

Four in 10 employees have a health issue they have never disclosed to their employer, according to a survey.

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Guidance issued to help reduce exposure of workers to diesel emissions

4 Nov 2019

New guidance has been published to help staff who work around diesel-powered vehicles or equipment reduce their exposure to exhaust...

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Stage struck – occupational health in the performing arts

1 Nov 2019

Often called “the original gig economy” because of its casual, self-employed and flexible working practices, the performing arts are an...

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Just a quarter make lifestyle choices to cut cardiovascular disease risk

24 Oct 2019

Only a quarter of UK adults make conscious decisions about their health and lifestyle to reduce the risk of developing...

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