Health surveillance

Four in 10 staff have ‘hidden’ health issues

26 Nov 2019

Four in 10 employees have a health issue they have never disclosed to their employer, according to a survey.

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Guidance issued to help reduce exposure of workers to diesel emissions

4 Nov 2019

New guidance has been published to help staff who work around diesel-powered vehicles or equipment reduce their exposure to exhaust...

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Stage struck – occupational health in the performing arts

1 Nov 2019

Often called “the original gig economy” because of its casual, self-employed and flexible working practices, the performing arts are an...

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Just a quarter make lifestyle choices to cut cardiovascular disease risk

24 Oct 2019

Only a quarter of UK adults make conscious decisions about their health and lifestyle to reduce the risk of developing...

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MPs to examine impact of endometriosis on women

8 Oct 2019

A group of MPs is to launch an inquiry into women’s experiences of endometriosis, after research found thousands have had...

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Smoke signals – why occupational health needs to take ‘diathermy smoke plume’ seriously

4 Oct 2019

It’s not well known, but diathermy smoke plume is a toxic smoke created during procedures such as electrocautery, laser surgery...

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Bringing domestic abuse out of the shadows, and how employers can make a difference

4 Oct 2019

Domestic abuse is nothing to do with employers or the workplace, right? Wrong. Some three-quarters of people who endure domestic...

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Taxi drivers exposed to highest levels of black carbon pollution

29 Sep 2019

Taxi drivers experience the highest exposures to black carbon pollution compared with other professional drivers, such as couriers and truck...

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Cleaning staff need better protection against dangerous substances, says health body

23 Sep 2019

Cleaning firms need to do more to reduce workers’ risk of exposure to dangerous substances, the European Agency for Safety...

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Implementing an evidence-based approach to wellbeing

6 Sep 2019

Is “wellbeing” more than just “fresh fruit Fridays” or mindfulness initiatives? As Nick Pahl reports, a recent event led by...

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Major construction projects help drive up health standards, study finds

20 Aug 2019

Major construction projects can help develop “universally high” health management standards throughout the supply chain, a study has concluded.

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silica dust exposure register

Silica dust exposure register launched to assist future claims

5 Aug 2019

Workers who believe they have been exposed to silica dust are being urged to sign a register that will help...

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Silicosis dust mask

MPs to investigate impact of silicosis on workers

9 Jul 2019

A parliamentary inquiry investigating the impact that silicosis has on construction workers has been launched.
The All-Party Parliamentary Group on...

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Asbestos fatality figures highlight need for continued precautions

9 Jul 2019

Deaths from mesothelioma reached 2,523 in 2017, largely as a consequence of occupational asbestos exposure before the risks were known,...

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Staff take four days off a year for medical appointments

28 Jun 2019

The average UK worker misses four days of work a year to attend medical appointments, costing their employer more than...

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