Mental health and stress

Triage: the (mostly) missing link in OH mental health

Occupational mental health cases are normally not emergencies. Yet, supporting management and HR to adopt a triage approach to initial...

Staff question level of mental health support offered by employers

3 Dec 2018

Four in 10 staff say their employer does not offer mental health support in any form, despite increasing awareness of...

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Young dementia patients more likely to face discrimination in low paid roles

27 Nov 2018

Lower paid workers who are diagnosed with dementia earlier in life are more likely to face discrimination or be dismissed...

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Mental health first aid presents ‘safety concerns’ for trained staff

23 Nov 2018

Researchers have identified “potential safety concerns” with widespread use of mental health first aid (MHFA), following recent pleas for the...

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Projects that help workers self-manage health conditions win funding

22 Nov 2018

Almost £4 million in government funding has been allocated to 19 projects designed to help people manage their health conditions...

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OH should take a ‘gendered approach’ to tackling mental ill health

19 Nov 2018

Terms like “mental ill health” risk alienating men, and occupational health should focus on tackling more general health concerns to...

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Employers press Theresa May to make mental health first aid mandatory

19 Nov 2018

More than 50 leaders of some of the UK’s biggest employers have signed a letter urging the government to make...

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Over-50s least comfortable talking about mental health at work

16 Nov 2018

Workers aged 50 and over are the least comfortable discussing their mental health at work, suggesting that more still needs...

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Three in 10 men have experienced a work-related mental health issue

14 Nov 2018

Almost one-third (29%) men who work full time have suffered a work-related mental health issue of some sort, with almost...

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LGBT people avoid health checks ‘because of discrimination fears’

8 Nov 2018

More than half of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people have experienced depression or anxiety in the past year,...

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Working days lost to stress increase by nearly a quarter

31 Oct 2018

The number of working days lost to stress rose by almost a quarter last year, suggesting that employers need to...

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Chancellor reveals extra £2bn a year for NHS mental health support

30 Oct 2018

An extra £2 billion will be invested into NHS mental health support over the next five years, the Chancellor of...

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Call for better health screening for Grenfell workers and survivors

22 Oct 2018

An academic studying the potential contamination in the area surrounding the Grenfell Tower has joined calls for the NHS to...

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Toolkit launched to help health professionals promote physical activity

17 Oct 2018

A toolkit that will help health professionals advise patients on how physical activity can help manage their conditions and aid...

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Promoting workplace wellbeing

10 Oct 2018

PROMOTED | The cost of mental and musculoskeletal ill-health in the workplace in terms of lost productivity and absence is well-documented. But there is much employers can do to be proactive...

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