Mental health and stress

employee health in small businesses

Public Health England campaign aims to boost employee health in small businesses

Public Health England (PHE) has launched an initiative to support small businesses to improve work health.
It has linked up...

Assaults by patients on mental health staff

Assaults by patients on mental health staff are soaring

2 Nov 2017

Mental health staff in the UK are working in a “powder keg” environment, as assaults by patients soar, an investigation...

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Simplyhealth - Health Cash Plans

Maintain employee wellbeing to reduce absence

29 Oct 2017

PROMOTED| Our work and personal lives are merging increasingly in the modern world. Working 9–5 has become 24/7.

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Paul Farmer:"Every employer in the UK has a responsibility to support employees with mental health problems and promote the mental wellbeing of their entire workforce."

Mental health at work review calls for legal changes as thousands lose jobs

26 Oct 2017

A high-level review of mental health at work has found that 300,000 people lose their jobs every year due to...

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Mental health fit notes

Mental health conditions are most common diagnosis on GP fit notes

5 Oct 2017

Mental health and behavioural conditions accounted for nearly a third (31%) of all fit notes written by GPs in England...

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stress in the workplace

Stress in the workplace tops reasons for EAP use

5 Oct 2017

Stress in the workplace is forcing many employees to turn to employee assistance programmes (EAPs), the Health Insurance Group has...

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A positive approach to mental health in the workplace

5 Oct 2017

PROMOTED CONTENT | Reduce sickness absence, save costs and improve employee wellbeing...

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depression in the workplace

Depression in the workplace: the role of occupational health

5 Oct 2017

OH has a key role in supporting people with depression in the workplace, collaborating with HR, line managers and primary...

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Mental health issues at work

Opening up about mental health at work puts staff at risk of dismissal

4 Oct 2017

Employees who disclose mental health issues at work commonly risk demotion, disciplinary action and even dismissal, research from the charity...

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sleep deprivation

How to prevent sleep deprivation in the workforce

2 Oct 2017

Sleep deprivation can affect employee wellbeing and productivity, as well as contribute to serious illness. Dr Nick Summerton looks at...

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occupational health research: noise

Occupational health research round-up: September 2017

31 Aug 2017

This month’s look at occupational health research includes studies on noise at work and how outdoor breaks can relieve stress...

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mental health

Work more likely to cause mental health issues in men than women

31 Aug 2017

Men are twice as likely to have mental health issues because of their job compared to problems outside of work,...

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OCD in the workplace

Raising awareness of OCD in the workplace

31 Aug 2017

Having found the courage to reveal his obsessive compulsive disorder to his employer, Colin Minto is now highlighting the issue...

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More than one in three suffer anxiety, depression or stress at work

31 Aug 2017

More than one in three UK employees say they are working with anxiety, depression or stress, according to research.

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mental health issues at work

A framework for tackling mental health issues at work

30 Aug 2017

Evidence shows that mental health issues at work are a growing problem. Dr Nick Summerton sets out a suggested framework...

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