Mental health and stress

Half of people with diabetes receive treatment for mental health concerns

More than half of people with diabetes (51%) have received treatment for depression, anxiety or another mental health issue and...

Job stress can heighten risk of premature death in men

7 Jun 2018

Stressful jobs are more likely to lead to premature death among men with heart problems, according to a 14-year study...

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Should mental health first aid be included in health and safety law?

7 Jun 2018

Under the health and safety regulations, employers have an obligation to intervene if an employee becomes physically unwell or is...

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Asda shopping basket

How a mental health policy has changed the conversation at Asda

1 Jun 2018

The development of a practical, easy-to-follow mental health policy has given managers at supermarket chain Asda the confidence to manage...

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Organisations underestimate value candidates place on wellbeing policies

25 May 2018

Employers are underestimating the importance potential candidates place on mental health and wellbeing policies when looking for a new role,...

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Mental Health Awareness Week: Graduates fear telling employers about issues

15 May 2018

Seven out of 10 graduates would avoid informing potential or new employers if they suffered from a mental health issue...

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Mental Health Awareness Week: 28% of millennials ‘work through stress’

14 May 2018

Millennials – those aged between 18 and 38 – feel under the most pressure at work, with more than a...

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Barristers face mental health ‘crisis’ as workloads and hours increase

9 May 2018

Criminal barristers are experiencing a “mental health crisis”, according to the Criminal Bar Association, with almost half of criminal law...

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How gentleness at work can promote high-quality professional care

4 May 2018

Gentleness at work is an important part of professional care, but it has rarely been investigated or qualified – until...

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Use triage to help crack mental health

4 May 2018

Mental ill-health is like a crack in a car windscreen: do nothing and it will just get worse until eventually...

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Seven ways music can enhance employee wellbeing

4 May 2018

Music can help employee wellbeing by helping people deal better with tricky situations, depression or anxiety.  Music therapist Dr Stella...

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‘Surge’ in men seeking emotional support over cancer

1 May 2018

The charity Macmillan Cancer Support has said it saw a surge in the number of calls last year from men...

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Almost half of IT employees feel stressed out

20 Apr 2018

Almost half (45%) of people working in IT feel stressed, as organisations try to tackle the increasing threat of cybercrime, ...

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UK employers leading the way in offering mental health support

16 Apr 2018

UK employers are more likely to offer mental health support to their staff than their counterparts around the globe, according...

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Mental health in the workplace conference focuses on problems and solutions

5 Apr 2018

A recent conference brought together experts on mental health in the workplace to look at the growing evidence base on...

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