Musculoskeletal disorders

CPD: Helping hand – managing work-related hand-arm vibration syndrome

It is estimated more than two million workers in the UK are exposed to high levels of vibration as a...

Waste collection absence rates fall when wheeled bins are used

12 Aug 2019

Sickness absence rates among waste collection staff could decline if local authorities changed the style of bins they provided households,...

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Understanding of occupational health low among HR teams

1 Aug 2019

Occupational health practitioners and providers have been urged to educate their HR colleagues and employers about their role and the...

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Occupational Health & Wellbeing Awards 2019: deadline extended!

12 Jul 2019

The deadline for the Occupational Health & Wellbeing Awards 2019 has been extended to Tuesday 16 July.

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Staff with arthritis need more government support, urges charity

2 Jul 2019

Thousands of people with arthritis are missing out on government support that will help them stay in work, while those...

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Make health benefits tax-exempt to increase uptake, retailer says

18 Jun 2019

Occupational health benefits should be fully exempt from tax to encourage more employers to offer them, a major UK retailer...

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Standing up to sedentary working

7 Jun 2019

On average, office workers now spend 75% of their day sitting at their desks. But what measures can occupational health...

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How occupational health can help optimise wellbeing

7 Jun 2019

With many staff keen to adopt healthier lifestyles, now is a good time for organisations to look at their wellbeing...

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CPD: a pain in the wrist – supporting work-related upper limb disorder

7 Jun 2019

Work-related upper limb disorders can have a significant impact on the workplace, with women over the age of 45 at...

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Joint pain? Why we need a better evidence base for musculoskeletal disorders and work

3 May 2019

What do we know about musculoskeletal disorders and work, and what do we need to know? Karen Walker-Bone looks at...

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Sedentary working linked to a tenth of deaths

26 Mar 2019

Sitting for long periods of time during the day has been linked to around one in 10 deaths each year...

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Employers lack formal strategies for common health risks, report finds

27 Feb 2019

Too few employers have strategies in place to manage some of the most common staff health concerns, including mental ill...

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Half of office workers’ health ‘impaired’ by their job

14 Feb 2019

More than half (53%) of office workers believe their health is impaired by their workplace, with many not getting enough...

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Back and neck pain causes a third to take a sick day

8 Feb 2019

A third (33%) of employees have taken at least one day off work due to back or neck pain in...

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CPD: Minimising exposure to hand-arm vibration

1 Feb 2019

Effective health surveillance and risk assessment and management are key to preventing and mitigating hand-arm vibration. But occupational health also...

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