Musculoskeletal disorders

Understanding the mindset behind sedentary lifestyles

Most of us understand all too well we need to be less sedentary. But just being told you need to...

Managing lower back pain disorders

7 Sep 2018

Low back disorders account for more than a third of all work-related musculoskeletal disorders, and occupational health can play an...

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Fit for work? How to get sedentary workers on their feet

3 Aug 2018

Fit in 50 is a new booklet designed to offer practical and accessible exercises to get sedentary employers out of...

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Minister urges employers to create arthritis-friendly workplaces

1 Aug 2018

The minister for disabled people, health and work, Sarah Newton, has urged employers to make adjustments for people with arthritis...

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Smartphone use could increase younger workers’ MSD risk

30 May 2018

Younger workers could be risking their long-term health and increasing their chances of developing a musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) through overuse...

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wrist pain at work

Wrist pain at work: occupational health referral of a laboratory worker

4 Feb 2018

This case study concerns an individual suffering wrist pain at work. Michael Bowles and Anne Harriss demonstrate the use of...

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Office-based small business owners are putting health at risk

1 Feb 2018

Small business owners are putting their health at risk by spending too long “slumped” in front of their computers, the...

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Tool helps tackle musculoskeletal conditions

30 Nov 2017

A new tool designed to help health commissioners come up with more cost-effective ways to tackle musculoskeletal conditions within their...

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Public Health England campaign aims to boost employee health in small businesses

2 Nov 2017

Public Health England (PHE) has launched an initiative to support small businesses to improve work health.
It has linked up...

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Workplace health promotion

Does workplace health promotion work? A review of the evidence

2 Nov 2017

Questions raised about the quality of studies reporting return on investment from workplace health promotion initiatives make it worth examining...

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Time to put occupational health research into public policy

2 Nov 2017

A recent high-level symposium suggests it is time to put occupational health research into public health policy. SOM chief executive...

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osteoarthritis in the workplace

Managing employees with osteoarthritis in the workplace

2 Nov 2017

Occupational health advisers have an important role in managing osteoarthritis in the workplace. Ambra Pizzarelli and Professor Anne Harriss discuss...

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Employee wellbeing at John Lewis reflects the partnership culture

24 Oct 2017

John Lewis Partnership has developed an approach to employee wellbeing that reflects the values of its founder and today’s business...

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Workplace Challenge: boosting physical activity at work

1 Oct 2017

We spend so much time at work that it has become increasingly important that company culture supports, rather than hinders,...

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Spelling out the occupational health value proposition to business

29 Aug 2017

A document from the Society of Occupational Medicine explains the occupational health value proposition for potential purchasers of services. Nic...

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