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Why a Brexit-fuelled government collapse may be bad news for occupational health

Whatever you may feel about Brexit, there is an argument that occupational health practitioners should be willing and hoping Theresa...

Exodus of European nurses from UK is ‘major concern’

26 Apr 2018

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) has warned that it is seeing a “significant” increase in the number of European...

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Depression, self-harm and suicidal thoughts in a teenage apprentice

3 Apr 2018

When a teenage apprentice posted suicidal thoughts on social media, his employer was alerted to the need for better communication...

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Laying the foundations for wellbeing technology at work

2 Apr 2018

The organisational culture and environment plays a critical role in supporting and sustaining effective use of wellbeing technology at work....

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Occupational health sustainability: is the apprenticeship levy the answer?

28 Mar 2018

A cloud hovers over occupational health sustainability due to an ageing workforce and service users’ reluctance to fund the education...

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The occupational health role in tackling asbestos in schools

27 Mar 2018

Asbestos in schools remains a live issue and occupational health practitioners have a role to play both in schools directly...

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Will a united body put the future in the hands of occupational health nurses?

28 Feb 2018

The decision in October by the Association of Occupational Health Nurse Practitioners (AOHNP) to merge with the Faculty of Occupational...

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Occupational health practitioners urged to join consultation on future NHS workforce

1 Feb 2018

The Society of Occupational Medicine is urging OH practitioners to get involved in a consultation on the future NHS workforce...

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Wellbeing technology in the workplace: implantable sensors

Wellbeing technology in the workplace: trending now and in future 

4 Jan 2018

In part two of a major guide, Stephen Haynes looks at emerging wellbeing technology in the workplace that has the...

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Robo-doc: science fiction becomes science fact in healthcare

2 Jan 2018

Advances in healthcare technology are catching up with science fiction, claims Liam Hughes.
Do you recall the “medical tricorder” that...

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Public Health England publish guidance on bloodborne viruses

30 Nov 2017

Public Health England has published guidance on the health clearance of healthcare workers and the management of those infected with...

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Why a disjointed approach to mental health at work is failing to deliver

28 Nov 2017

As the mental health of the workforce continues to deteriorate, the focus must shift from disconnected tactical solutions to joined-up...

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AOHNP and Faculty of Occupational Health Nursing vote to merge

2 Nov 2017

The Association of Occupational Health Nurses Practitioners (AOHNP) will merge with the Faculty of Occupational Health Nursing (FOHN) when it...

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Depression in the workplace: the role of occupational health

5 Oct 2017

OH has a key role in supporting people with depression in the workplace, collaborating with HR, line managers and primary...

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Data protection in occupational health: a guide

4 Oct 2017

The growth of internet and mobile technology has made it all the more important to understand rules on data protection...

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