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older workers and heat stress

Older workers and heat stress: challenges of working in a hot environment

The number of older people in the workforce is increasing and with it the risks related to older workers and...

Merger: AOHNP and Facutly of Occupational Health Nursing

AOHNP and Faculty of Occupational Health Nursing vote to merge

2 Nov 2017

The Association of Occupational Health Nurses Practitioners (AOHNP) will merge with the Faculty of Occupational Health Nursing (FOHN) when it...

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osteoarthritis in the workplace

Managing employees with osteoarthritis in the workplace

2 Nov 2017

Occupational health advisers have an important role in managing osteoarthritis in the workplace. Ambra Pizzarelli and Professor Anne Harriss discuss...

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depression in the workplace

Depression in the workplace: the role of occupational health

5 Oct 2017

OH has a key role in supporting people with depression in the workplace, collaborating with HR, line managers and primary...

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Screening for HIV is paramount for patient and worker safety to prevent exposing patients to the virus.

Occupational health case study: pre-employment health clearance and exposure prone procedures

2 Oct 2017

This case study involves pre-employment health clearance by occupational health of a healthcare worker applying for a post involving exposure-prone...

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Can occupational health models can help the profession grow like a dandelion with the most minimal resources?

Occupational health models: Ruth Alston’s legacy and influence

31 Aug 2017

The Ruth Alston memorial lecture is an annual reminder of how occupational health models have evolved over the last 25...

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occupational health nurse education

Occupational health nurse education: a blueprint for change

29 Aug 2017

A document from Public Health England put sets out a curriculum for occupational health nurse education in the future. Nic...

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Return to work after myocardial infarction

Return to work after myocardial infarction case study

29 Aug 2017

Return to work after myocardial infarction involves occupational health assessment of fitness to work, the nature of the role and...

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Global issues in occupational health

Conference sheds light on global issues in occupational health

2 Aug 2017

On 10 May, a joint event run by the Society of Occupational Medicine (SOM) and the Royal Society of Medicine...

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Sit-stand desks can cut the time spent sitting at work, but the overall goal is more movement  throughout the day.

Why sit-stand desks alone won’t end the risks of sedentary working

28 Jul 2017

With more than 60 years of evidence on the health impact of sitting for long periods at work, sit-stand desks...

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NMC revalidation

How to succeed in NMC revalidation for occupational health

4 Jul 2017

Occupational health nurses will be familiar by now with the process of NMC revalidation, but concerns remain about how to...

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NMC revalidation: reflective practice

NMC revalidation: Reflective practice for occupational health nurses

3 Jul 2017

Reflective practice is part of the NMC revalidation process and can be a critical way to improve occupational health practice....

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occupational exposure to Hepatitis B

Case study: occupational exposure to Hepatitis B

2 Jun 2017

A case study of occupational exposure to hepatitis B shows how to transform occupational health nursing care through reflective practice....

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Society of Occupational Medicine logo

Making the occupational health business case: lessons from the US

31 May 2017

Scientific evidence and the occupational health business case were key topics at the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine...

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Bipolar disorder and work attendance

Bipolar disorder and work attendance: a case study

9 May 2017

Occupational health professionals have a role in managing bipolar disorder and work attendance. Catherine Carr explains how psychological flags can...

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