Continuing professional development

CPD – learning curve: disclosing a disability before a midwifery university placement

Encouraging students to disclose a disability or health condition before starting a university placement will enhance their experience, as reasonable...

CPD: Workplace trauma post-pandemic (webinar)

30 Apr 2021

18 May 2021 2:00pm. Register now | In this CPD webinar for OHW+, Noreen Tehrani examines psychological surveillance in organisations in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

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OHW+ launch webinar on managing post-pandemic trauma

26 Apr 2021

The past year has been traumatic for many workers, whether we’re talking about the intense emotional pressures NHS workers have...

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OHW+ Your questions answered

23 Apr 2021

Next month sees the launch of OHW+, the new digital platform for Occupational Health & Wellbeing. But how is it all going to work?

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CPD: supporting transgender people in work

1 Apr 2021

In the second article in her two-part series, Dawn Wyvern looks at practical ways employers, with the help of occupational...

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OHW+ a new home for your professional growth

1 Apr 2021

Next month (May) will see the launch of OHW+, a new digital platform for Occupational Health & Wellbeing. With curated...

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CPD: Transition period – supporting employees through gender transitioning

5 Mar 2021

The process of gender transitioning is complex and not undertaken lightly. As Dawn Wyvern explains in the first of a...

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CPD: Supporting an employee living with an alcohol problem

5 Feb 2021

Occupational health can play a pivotal leadership role when it comes to supporting an employee struggling with alcohol or substance...

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Occupational health best practice: reflecting on case management

4 Dec 2020

Often within occupational health it will be your expertise as a practitioner and leader that decides on a course of...

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CPD: How to build and embed resilience within your workplace

4 Dec 2020

In the final article of her three-part series, Catherine D’Arcy-Jones examines some tools and resources OH practitioners can use to...

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CPD: Understanding the psychological concepts underpinning resilience

6 Nov 2020

Personal levels of resilience may help to determine how well, or not, an individual copes with the mental and emotional...

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CPD: The links between organisational and individual resilience within the workplace

6 Nov 2020

In the second article of our three-part series, Catherine D’Arcy-Jones looks at the drivers behind organisational resilience – how organisations...

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CPD: Guidance on providing support following a suicide in primary care

9 Oct 2020

SOM, the Society of Occupational Medicine, has collaborated with the Louise Tebboth Foundation to launch a report on providing care...

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CPD: Don’t make a dog’s dinner – maintaining health and safety when cleaning streets

2 Oct 2020

Some work processes, notably pavement cleaning, can expose workers to pathogens and the risks of diseases associated with animals. Neelum...

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CPD: Team effort: the multidisciplinary management of referrals within occupational health

4 Sep 2020

The benefits of multidisciplinary working within occupational health are increasingly well-recognised. Janet O’Neill argues that the better your understanding of...

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