‘Dangerous complacency’ in support for young workers with long-term health conditions

20 Feb 2019

Young workers with long-term health conditions in the UK are being offered less support than they would receive from healthcare...

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Young dementia patients more likely to face discrimination in low paid roles

27 Nov 2018

Lower paid workers who are diagnosed with dementia earlier in life are more likely to face discrimination or be dismissed...

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Time to listen up on age-related hearing loss

5 Oct 2018

As our workforce ages, and employers become more reliant on older workers, age-related hearing loss will become an increasingly important...

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Nine in 10 patients with heart disease live with multiple health conditions

17 Jul 2018

Ninety per cent of people with coronary heart disease have at least one other long-term health condition, such as stroke...

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Ageist attitudes damage workers’ health and wellbeing

11 Jun 2018

Ageist attitudes in the workplace and across wider society harm the health and wellbeing of everybody as they get older,...

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Average person delays seeking medical advice for five months

1 Mar 2018

Three-quarters of adults admit to “putting up” with an annoying or worrying health condition rather than seeking medical advice, with...

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National plan for hearing loss aims to spread good practice at work

27 Feb 2018

Action Plan on Hearing Loss is a national programme to spread good practice. This year NHS England published guidance on...

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Hitler at Berlin Olympics 1936

Why it’s not smart to take smart drugs to boost performance at work

30 Nov 2017

Smart drugs have been pushed as a way to improve workplace performance, but what are the risks and do the...

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Time to put occupational health research into public policy

2 Nov 2017

A recent high-level symposium suggests it is time to put occupational health research into public health policy. SOM chief executive...

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OCD in the workplace

Raising awareness of OCD in the workplace

31 Aug 2017

Having found the courage to reveal his obsessive compulsive disorder to his employer, Colin Minto is now highlighting the issue...

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Why employers should address loneliness in the workplace

1 Aug 2017

With many employees feeling socially isolated at work, there are many ways employers can help prevent loneliness in the workplace,...

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Second medical opinion services can cut risks of employing older workers

2 Nov 2016

Second medical opinion services can help older workers return to work after sickness absence and reduce risks for employers, argues...

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Doctors’ body advises active management of older workers

1 Oct 2016

Timed to coincide with the UK’s older people day on 1 October, a new guide on older workers from the...

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Get moving to reduce sedentary behaviour in the workplace

20 Mar 2016

Sedentary behaviour has become a widespread issue. Colin Stuart, of consultancy Baker Stuart, makes radical proposals on how to adapt...

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mild cognitive impairment

Managing a mild cognitive impairment: the facts

30 Oct 2015

With an ageing demographic, there is an increasing risk of mild cognitive impairment in the working population. Dr Jenny Barnett...

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