Physical activity interventions need to be tailored to individual needs, report says

There is an opportunity for employers to support their staff to become more active, but they will need to tailor...

Occupational health research round-up: July 2019

5 Jul 2019

Rehabilitating workers undergoing cancer treatment
Designing return-to-work plans in parallel with a returning employee’s ongoing cancer treatment is challenging, according...

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SOM calls for a Centre for Work and Health to lead OH research

4 Jul 2019

The Society of Occupational Medicine (SOM) has called for a new multi-disciplinary national “Centre for Work and Health” to be...

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working long hours stroke risk

Working long hours increases stroke risk, study finds

21 Jun 2019

Working long hours on a regular basis can increase the risk of stroke, according to a study.
People who worked...

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Pressure to meet targets means GPs may miss health conditions

21 Jun 2019

Increasing paperwork, time pressures and a focus on meeting targets could mean that GPs are missing potentially life-threatening conditions, a...

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Why providers need to get more worried about employer ignorance of OH

7 Jun 2019

Many employers remain woefully ignorant about what occupational health can do, its value (versus its cost) and the benefits it...

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CPD: Assessment centre – functional assessments within occupational health

7 Jun 2019

A functional assessment is a key part of any occupational health consultation, yet effective history-taking is something many coming into...

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Occupational health research round-up: June 2019

7 Jun 2019

Welding fumes increase lung cancer risk
Occupational exposure to welding fumes increases the risk of lung cancer, regardless of the...

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migraine staff with neurological conditions

Strengthen support for staff with neurological conditions, report urges

3 Jun 2019

Employers will need to become more aware of the needs of staff with neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease (AD),...

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outdoor workers air pollution

Outdoor workers ‘overlooked’ in the air quality debate, researchers claim

31 May 2019

Urgent action is needed to protect outdoor workers from air pollution, campaigners have said, after a study found a London...

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Night shifts do not increase breast cancer risk, study finds

30 May 2019

Researchers have debunked the idea that shift work increases the risk of developing breast cancer, finding there was little or...

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Heart and circulatory disease deaths in under-75s on the increase

13 May 2019

The number of people dying of heart and circulatory diseases before the age of 75 has risen for the first...

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Fifth of female firefighters experience PTSD

8 May 2019

Female firefighters are at a higher risk of experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or contemplating suicide than their male colleagues,...

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Occupational health research round-up: May 2019

3 May 2019

Short breaks between nurses’ shifts linked to workplace accidents
Being provided with only a short break, defined as less than...

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Pollution, carcinogens and second-hand smoke blamed for rising rates of non-smoker lung cancer

26 Apr 2019

Around 6,000 people who have never smoked die of lung cancer every year, often because they have been exposed to...

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