Nine in 10 patients with heart disease live with multiple health conditions

Ninety per cent of people with coronary heart disease have at least one other long-term health condition, such as stroke...

CPD: practice makes perfect – the role of the practice teacher within occupational health nursing

6 Jul 2018

For occupational health nurses to complete their training, a practice teacher must supervise them in practice. But resource and time...

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Occupational health research round-up: July 2018

6 Jul 2018

Cardiovascular disease and night work
Night work is associated with an increase in carotid intima-media thickness (CIMT) amongst men, providing...

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Migraine sufferers need more than a month off work a year to cope

3 Jul 2018

The average migraine sufferer needs to take 33 days off work a year to cope with their condition, with those...

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Cabin crew at higher risk of cancer diagnosis than general population

29 Jun 2018

Flight cabin crew are more at risk of developing some cancers than the rest of the population, according to a...

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Better access to lung exercise classes could help tackle sedentary lives

22 Jun 2018

The British Lung Foundation has called for access to specialist lung exercise classes to be improved, as around half of...

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Half of people with diabetes receive treatment for mental health concerns

15 Jun 2018

More than half of people with diabetes (51%) have received treatment for depression, anxiety or another mental health issue and...

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Merger of occupational health nursing bodies called off

6 Jun 2018

The Faculty of Occupational Health Nursing (FOHN) and Association of Occupational Health Nurse Practitioners (AOHNP) have called off their planned...

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Put women’s nutrition on the workplace menu

1 Jun 2018

Health conditions that commonly affect women can be overlooked in the workplace, with nutrition-related conditions key among them. But with...

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Occupational health research round-up: June 2018

1 Jun 2018

Supervisor support vital for workers living with chronic headaches
Employees living and working with chronic headaches are at high risk...

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How gentleness at work can promote high-quality professional care

4 May 2018

Gentleness at work is an important part of professional care, but it has rarely been investigated or qualified – until...

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Occupational health research round-up: May 2018

4 May 2018

Hand hygiene and asthma control
A study of US nurses has discovered a link between the frequency of hand and...

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Investment in occupational health can pay dividends, SOM argues

1 May 2018

Investment in occupational health can pay significant dividends in terms of keeping people healthier at work and ensuring employees are...

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Shift worker

Occupational health research round-up: April 2018

6 Apr 2018

Paternal heart disease increases shift work risk
Paternal mortality from myocardial infarction or sudden cardiac death interacts with shift work...

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Mental health in the workplace conference focuses on problems and solutions

5 Apr 2018

A recent conference brought together experts on mental health in the workplace to look at the growing evidence base on...

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