Protective equipment fails to remove risk of pesticide contamination

Research into pesticide exposure among horticultural workers has shown that levels of contamination can take place despite the provision of...

Occupational health research round-up: January 2019

4 Jan 2019

Growing issue of “leavism” within police forces
“Leavism” is a recently coined term to describe attendance issues at work other...

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Rural residents 5% less likely to survive cancer than those in cities

2 Jan 2019

Cancer patients living in rural areas are less likely to survive the illness than those who live in cities, researchers...

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Few women consider taking ‘preventative’ breast cancer drug

19 Dec 2018

Only around a fifth of women at high risk of developing breast cancer will consider taking medication proven to help...

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Loneliness among ex-military increases physical and mental health risk

14 Dec 2018

Military veterans who feel lonely or isolated face an increased risk of developing mental and physical health conditions, research has...

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Sit-stand desks have limited effect on reducing obesity, study finds

13 Dec 2018

Employees who stand at their desks burn only nine more calories per hour than their seated colleagues, prompting researchers to...

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Message centre – understanding and articulating the occupational health ‘brand’

7 Dec 2018

Occupational health practitioners are, rightly, always focused on delivering excellence. But with government reviewing the future shape of OH, Nick...

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Charity calls for cardiac rehabilitation overhaul to increase uptake

29 Nov 2018

Only half of patients eligible for cardiac rehabilitation are taking it up, with a charity urging the NHS to change...

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Young dementia patients more likely to face discrimination in low paid roles

27 Nov 2018

Lower paid workers who are diagnosed with dementia earlier in life are more likely to face discrimination or be dismissed...

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One in four have multiple health conditions

16 Nov 2018

A quarter of people in England live with two or more mental or physical health conditions, the charity The Health...

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Sedentary workers who are active outside working hours still at risk

15 Nov 2018

Many employees are wrongly perceiving that having an active lifestyle outside of the workplace negates the ill-effects associated with sedentary...

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Golf course workers more worried about injuries than sunburn

6 Nov 2018

Two-thirds (68%) of outdoor workers are more worried about work-related injuries than sunburn, research into Irish golf course maintenance workers’...

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Occupational health research round-up: November 2018

2 Nov 2018

Older workers with chronic disease
More people will be working with a chronic disease and poorer self-perceived health as working...

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How new Faculty of Occupational Health Nursing could change the workplace health landscape

2 Nov 2018

October saw the launch of the new Faculty of Occupational Health Nursing. What exactly is it, how will it work...

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Study highlights health and work benefits of sit-stand desks

11 Oct 2018

Office workers who are equipped with a sit-stand desk are more productive, healthier and happier than those who are not,...

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