Return to work and rehabilitation

Maintaining confidence in your workplace cleaning during coronavirus

Effective cleaning and decontamination are at the heart of keeping workplaces ‘Covid secure’ as well as, critically, in ensuring employees...

Healthcare staff need more information to treat ‘long Covid’

15 Oct 2020

Research from the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) has argued that people suffering from ‘long Covid’ – or often...

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Governments told to prioritise tackling rheumatic and musculoskeletal conditions

12 Oct 2020

Governments across Europe are being urged to create a comprehensive strategy to tackle rheumatic and musculoskeletal conditions, which currently affect...

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Fewer staff taking time off for mental health, poll finds

9 Oct 2020

The propotion of workers taking time off because of poor mental health has fallen to 28% from 36% last year,...

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NHS pledges ‘long Covid’ sufferers access to specialist support and rehabilitation

8 Oct 2020

People suffering so-called ‘long Covid’ symptoms months after contracting the virus are to be offered specialist help at NHS clinics...

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Covid-19 return-to-work challenges stacking up for OH

2 Oct 2020

Occupational health practitioners will be facing a multifaceted array of coronavirus-related return-to-work challenges as we head through the autumn, a...

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Managing Covid-19 ‘clusters’ set to be a key challenge for occupational health

2 Oct 2020

A recent SOM/Royal College of Nursing webinar offered occupational health practitioners valuable advice on how to manage Covid-19 outbreaks as...

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Mind the disability gap: why small business must not be a no-go area for occupational health

2 Oct 2020

Small businesses are often thought of as something of a no-go area for occupational health provision and support – not...

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occupational health research

Musculoskeletal care and occupational health: only for more ‘enlightened’ employers?

2 Oct 2020

The good news is musculoskeletal care for working-age people is widely considered a priority area by clinical commissioning groups, a...

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Focus on individual needs when bringing employees back after mental illness

1 Oct 2020

Employers must put a greater emphasis on meeting individual needs when planning an employees’ return to work following mental illness....

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‘Immediate action’ needed to prevent more silicosis deaths, MPs told

23 Sep 2020

MPs have been told that immediate action is needed to prevent deaths and illnesses caused by exposure to respirable crystalline...

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Health staff urged to get flu vaccine to minimise sickness absence this winter

18 Sep 2020

Senior clinicians and health leaders have urged frontline health and social care staff to get their annual flu jab as...

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Thousands of stroke survivors missing out on rehabilitation

17 Sep 2020

The estimated 35,000 people who survived a stroke during the pandemic are in need of more support, with many missing...

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Thousands still have Covid-19 complications months later

8 Sep 2020

Thousands people in the UK could be suffering from ‘long Covid’, where debilitating symptoms from a Covid-19 infection, even a...

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OH&W Awards – ‘It is about educating staff to take responsibility themselves’

4 Sep 2020

Great collaborative working and a proactive biopsychosocial focus has been key to the success of the occupational health team at...

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