Return to work and rehabilitation

state pension age 75

Increase state pension age to 75 to ‘improve health and wellbeing’

Raising the state pension age to 75 will improve the health and wellbeing of older people, a think tank has controversially proposed.

Only half recognise heart condition warning signs

16 Aug 2019

Workers could be “sleepwalking into an epidemic of cardiovascular disease” if they do not improve their knowledge of heart disease...

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The Unum sickness absence and return to work trends 2019

5 Aug 2019

PROMOTED | Mental ill health and presenteeism are increasing – costing organisations and the economy billions of pounds a year...

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Woman with laptop and cat

Home truths – making working from home work

2 Aug 2019

Homeworking is often thought as an easy solution to workplace stress, long hours and exhausting commutes. In fact, apart from...

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Head space – managing PTSD following a workplace accident

2 Aug 2019

Occupational health practitioners may need to manage and support mental as well as physical consequences following a workplace accident, especially...

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OH has a pivotal role to play in supporting employees through cancer

2 Aug 2019

One in three people living with cancer are of working age, yet managers and employers often feel ill-equipped when it...

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Employee assistance programmes - a call centre taking calls from employees

Occupational health research round-up: August 2019

2 Aug 2019

EAPs aid positive clinical and workplace outcomes
A study of a Canadian employee assistance programme (EAP) has produced evidence to...

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eating disorders at work

Appetite for work – managing eating disorders in the workplace

2 Aug 2019

If an employee has an eating disorder it can have a severe effect on their physical and psychological health as...

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Understanding of occupational health low among HR teams

1 Aug 2019

Occupational health practitioners and providers have been urged to educate their HR colleagues and employers about their role and the...

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Half with heart and circulatory conditions feel depressed or anxious

31 Jul 2019

More than half of people with a heart and circulatory condition have felt depressed or anxious as treatment-related worries, perceived...

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Occupational Health & Wellbeing Awards 2019: deadline extended!

12 Jul 2019

The deadline for the Occupational Health & Wellbeing Awards 2019 has been extended to Tuesday 16 July.

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fit note

Learning from the past – what history can tell us about the failings of the fit note

5 Jul 2019

With the government considering extending fit note certification to other healthcare professionals, Dr Adrian Massey looks back at how we...

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CPD: Lesions plan – managing the skin condition hidradenitis suppurativa

5 Jul 2019

Hidradenitis suppurativa is an inflammatory skin disease that causes painful lesions and scarring and which, though rare, can have disabling...

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Staff with arthritis need more government support, urges charity

2 Jul 2019

Thousands of people with arthritis are missing out on government support that will help them stay in work, while those...

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disabled workers support

Statutory Sick Pay reforms part of disabled workers’ support plans

26 Jun 2019

Statutory Sick Pay will be reformed under new measures to better support people with disabilities and long-term health conditions.

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