Fit for Work

Fit for Work is a Government-funded service providing occupational health assessments on referral from the employee's GP or employer, where an employee is absent from work for at least four weeks. It also provides advice for employers, employees and GPs on matters relating to health and work.

Many GPs had not heard of Fit for Work according to research this year

Fit for Work assessments to be scrapped

The Government has announced that Fit for Work assessment services will close next spring, following low referral rates.
Employers, employees...

Simplyhealth - Health Cash Plans

Maintain employee wellbeing to reduce absence

29 Oct 2017

PROMOTED| Our work and personal lives are merging increasingly in the modern world. Working 9–5 has become 24/7.

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Confidentiality and consent: OH acts as a filter between the employee and their medical details, and the employer

Good practice when making occupational health referrals

2 Aug 2017

What are the do’s and don’ts when making referrals? In the first of a series of articles on the interface...

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injuries outside of work

Should employers take responsibility for injuries outside of work?

4 Jul 2017

Are injuries away from the workplace the responsibility of employers? Paul Wimpenny explains why firms should aim to keep staff...

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Manual handling training was part of a comprehensive programme to reduce musculoskeletal injuries

Consumer goods company cuts absence with occupational health physiotherapy

2 Jun 2017

In a special report produced in association with occupational health physiotherapy provider Connect Health, we look at how over two...

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Small companies are bursting with entrepreneurship, but one of the worst performing sectors in employee health outcomes

How to remove the barriers stopping SMEs investing in employee wellbeing

4 Apr 2017

Small and medium-sized enterprises have a poor record for investing in employee wellbeing. Andrew Harris, workplace health and wellbeing specialist...

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Many employers opt for early interventions in sickness absence, which differs from the  the Fit for Work service model.

Employers’ use of Fit for Work service is still low, study shows

2 Mar 2017

More than a year on from its launch, the Government’s flagship Fit for Work sickness absence service remains singularly underused...

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Fit notes and sickness absence

Fit notes: occupational health practitioners respond to government proposals for reform

1 Dec 2016

The Government has announced a major review of statutory sick pay, fit notes and the role employers can play in...

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NHS occupational health services have been listed among potential cost saving areas.  Photofusion/REX/Shutterstock

NHS occupational health services targeted in cost-saving plans

5 Oct 2016

With the NHS facing a funding crisis, occupational health could be among the functions targeted for cuts and efficiency savings,...

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A third of manufacturing firms  would pay for medical treatment if there was a benefit to the company,  the EEF survey found.

Manufacturers call for tax relief for medical expenses to get sick staff back to work

28 Jun 2016

Manufacturers have called on the Government to revisit the idea of offering tax breaks for medical treatments as a way...

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The Fit for Work service

Fit for Work service asks for feedback from users

3 Apr 2016

The Fit for Work service has been up and running for several months now. Dr Lucy Goundry, medical director of...

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The Fit for Work service advises on overcoming obstacles to a return to work from conditions such as musculoskeletal disorders

Fit for Work service: frequently asked questions

16 Feb 2016

A series of roadshows have been held recently to explain how to use the Government’s new Fit for Work service....

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The Fit for Work service offers telephone-based assessments for workers on sick leave

Employers remain unaware of Fit for Work service, survey finds

2 Feb 2016

Few employers have been officially made aware of the introduction and availability of the Government’s new Fit for Work service,...

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Many GPs feel that they do not have sufficient time or skill to complete fit notes – particularly the “may be fit” option

The fit note is five years old – is it ready to leave the nursery?

23 Jan 2016

Independent research published by the University of Nottingham in 2015 shows that the fit note is misunderstood by employers and ...

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Use of the advice line has increased since the service went live across the country and GPs have been able to refer patients

Fit for Work service: raising employer awareness

18 Jan 2016

The national Fit for Work service has been fully operational since September 2015, but awareness of the service among employers...

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