Sickness absence management

Illuminating the links between LED lighting, health and productivity

LED (or light-emitting diode) lighting is transforming how we light our homes, workplaces and urban spaces. There is excitement it...

A return-to-work model for workers without OH? A personal perspective

5 Apr 2019

Now making a full recovery following his heart operation before Christmas, Nic Paton’s experience of being in hospital and post-operative...

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Cost and poor understanding discourage investment in occupational health

3 Apr 2019

Cost, concerns about value for money and a lack of knowledge about what occupational health involves are among the reasons...

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One in six endometriosis sufferers gives up work

21 Mar 2019

As many as one in six women with endometriosis could be giving up work because of the effects of the...

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Study suggests type 2 diabetes is “reversible” with weight loss

7 Mar 2019

Type 2 diabetes could be a “reversible condition”, researchers have suggested, after a study found a third (36%) of people...

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The ‘ticking time-bomb’ of chronic illness

1 Mar 2019

Many employers and workplaces are simply not set up to accommodate the realities of employees having progressive, chronic, terminal or...

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Balancing act to integrate work and life

1 Mar 2019

In our connected, “always on” age it is increasingly difficult to separate work and personal life, to create genuine work-life...

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Employers lack formal strategies for common health risks, report finds

27 Feb 2019

Too few employers have strategies in place to manage some of the most common staff health concerns, including mental ill...

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Half of NHS staff worked while unwell in 2018

26 Feb 2019

More than half of NHS staff have gone into work despite feeling unwell, the latest NHS staff survey has found,...

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‘Severe’ flu sees more than 2,000 people needing critical care

22 Feb 2019

Workers have been urged to get the flu vaccine as a particularly severe strain of the virus has led to...

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‘Dangerous complacency’ in support for young workers with long-term health conditions

20 Feb 2019

Young workers with long-term health conditions in the UK are being offered less support than they would receive from healthcare...

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Two-thirds miss out on ‘life-saving’ asthma attack follow-up care

19 Feb 2019

Almost two-thirds of people who have had emergency treatment for an asthma attack were not not given a follow-up appointment...

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Half of office workers’ health ‘impaired’ by their job

14 Feb 2019

More than half (53%) of office workers believe their health is impaired by their workplace, with many not getting enough...

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Back and neck pain causes a third to take a sick day

8 Feb 2019

A third (33%) of employees have taken at least one day off work due to back or neck pain in...

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CPD: Minimising exposure to hand-arm vibration

1 Feb 2019

Effective health surveillance and risk assessment and management are key to preventing and mitigating hand-arm vibration. But occupational health also...

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