Sickness absence management

Asda shopping basket

How a mental health policy has changed the conversation at Asda

The development of a practical, easy-to-follow mental health policy has given managers at supermarket chain Asda the confidence to manage...

Toolkit helps employers tackle alcohol, tobacco and drug misuse

25 May 2018

Business in the Community (BITC) and Public Health England have published a toolkit to help employers support their staff in...

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Occupational health’s reforming voice needs to be heard

4 May 2018

It is early days yet for the Government’s expert review of occupational health. But with the political “noise” of Brexit...

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Occupational health research round-up: May 2018

4 May 2018

Hand hygiene and asthma control
A study of US nurses has discovered a link between the frequency of hand and...

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Use triage to help crack mental health

4 May 2018

Mental ill-health is like a crack in a car windscreen: do nothing and it will just get worse until eventually...

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Only minority of employers tackling presenteeism, warns CIPD, despite tripling of cases

2 May 2018

“Presenteeism” has more than tripled since 2010, hitting what is believed to be a record high, yet only a minority...

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Government’s Taylor Review response comes up short for OH

6 Apr 2018

The Government’s long-awaited response to Matthew Taylor’s Review of Modern Working Practices made a lot of positive noises, but was...

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Depression, self-harm and suicidal thoughts in a teenage apprentice

3 Apr 2018

When a teenage apprentice posted suicidal thoughts on social media, his employer was alerted to the need for better communication...

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man stressed at work

Occupational health research round-up: March 2018

2 Mar 2018

This month’s crop of occupational health research papers includes a study showing the value of exercising mindfulness at work, the...

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Occupational health research round-up: February 2018

1 Feb 2018

This month’s crop of occupational health research papers includes a study showing that a quarter of UK workers would not...

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Bullying and stress at work: occupational health case study of heavy goods driver

31 Jan 2018

An occupational health referral of a large goods vehicle driver suffering bullying and stress at work required the OH practitioner...

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The case for linking employee wellbeing and productivity

27 Jan 2018

The UK’s productivity still lags behind that of other countries, but employers are failing to see the link between employee...

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Report calls for action on women’s health issues at work

4 Jan 2018

A recent report from the Work Foundation is appealing for an end to stigma surrounding women’s health issues at work,...

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Occupational health research round-up: January 2018

2 Jan 2018

This month’s round up of occupational health research studies includes research on good line management and sickness absence among younger...

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Tool helps tackle musculoskeletal conditions

30 Nov 2017

A new tool designed to help health commissioners come up with more cost-effective ways to tackle musculoskeletal conditions within their...

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