Sickness absence management

Poll highlights misunderstanding about cancer survival rates

The majority of people think that cancer patients cannot live for years after their diagnosis, research has found.
According to...

Occupational mental health: putting your house in order

6 Dec 2019

In the follow-up to their article on the value of triage within mental health intervention in Occupational Health & Wellbeing...

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Swathes of women taking long-term leave for female health symptoms

5 Dec 2019

Around half of working-age women have had to take long-term absence at some point during their working life, while 15%...

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Senior NHS staff urge frontline health workers to get flu jab

3 Dec 2019

Frontline health workers are being urged to get their free flu jab in order to protect themselves and their patients....

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Few employees using mental health and wellbeing benefits

3 Dec 2019

Almost half (49%) of employers agree that poor mental health is the biggest health and wellbeing challenge they are facing,...

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Employers ‘not providing facilities that enable physical activity’

2 Dec 2019

Eight in 10 (84%) workers are failing to achieve the minimum amount of physical activity recommended by the NHS, while...

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Four in 10 staff have ‘hidden’ health issues

26 Nov 2019

Four in 10 employees have a health issue they have never disclosed to their employer, according to a survey.

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Eight out of 10 men would rather endure illness than see a doctor

26 Nov 2019

Eight in 10 men say it is “the norm” for them to endure an illness or an ailment rather than...

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Six in 10 feel guilty about attending medical appointments in work hours

15 Nov 2019

Almost six in 10 (59%) workers have felt guilty about attending a medical appointment during working hours because of their...

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Sickness absence increases to 4.4 days per worker

6 Nov 2019

Employees lost an average of 4.4 working days in 2018 because of sickness or injury, according to the latest official...

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Guidance issued to help reduce exposure of workers to diesel emissions

4 Nov 2019

New guidance has been published to help staff who work around diesel-powered vehicles or equipment reduce their exposure to exhaust...

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Make mental health a priority for the construction industry

1 Nov 2019

In many areas and industries, the social stigma around talking about mental health is gradually fading, with more and more...

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Just a quarter make lifestyle choices to cut cardiovascular disease risk

24 Oct 2019

Only a quarter of UK adults make conscious decisions about their health and lifestyle to reduce the risk of developing...

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The challenges of cancer in the workplace

22 Oct 2019

PROMOTED CONTENT | An employee diagnosed with cancer can find their world turned upside down...

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SOM calls for ramping up of OH provision in response to workplace health consultation

15 Oct 2019

The Society of Occupational Medicine (SOM) has published its response to the government’s consultation on improving health at work, noting...

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