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Study suggests a fifth at sleep deprivation risk because of long hours

A fifth of workers in England could be suffering from sleep deprivation because of long working hours, a study has...

CPD: Workplace trauma post-pandemic (webinar)

30 Apr 2021

18 May 2021 2:00pm. Register now | In this CPD webinar for OHW+, Noreen Tehrani examines psychological surveillance in organisations in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

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A real eye-opener: navigating the UK’s pandemic ‘sleep debt’ crisis

30 Apr 2021

With pandemic home working beginning to shift for many to more permanent ‘hybrid’ working, employers and occupational health may both...

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A new standard for managing psychosocial risk

29 Apr 2021

Managing mental health risks has never been so high on the business agenda, but by being aware of, and meeting,...

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Nearly half to boost healthcare provision as pandemic eases

26 Apr 2021

Nearly half of organisations expect to expand their healthcare benefits – especially telehealth offerings – due to longer NHS waiting...

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OHW+ launch webinar on managing post-pandemic trauma

26 Apr 2021

The past year has been traumatic for many workers, whether we’re talking about the intense emotional pressures NHS workers have...

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Pandemic leads to increase in ‘stress smoking’

15 Apr 2021

More than half of smokers are ‘stress smoking’ or smoking more because of extra strain brought on by the Covid-19...

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Rising screen use is risking long-term eye injuries for staff

14 Apr 2021

After a year, for many of us, of being glued to our screens while working from home, reports of workers...

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High pressure work a key business risk for 95% of organisations

14 Apr 2021

The majority of employers are now considering high pressure or high intensity work, which can have a detrimental effect on...

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Liver cancer cases leap among men in Scotland

12 Apr 2021

The rate of liver cancer diagnosis in the UK has doubled over the past two decades and is highest among...

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Home health – managing mental ill health in an affordable housing provider

9 Apr 2021

After affordable housing provider VIVID was formed from a merger of two organisations, sick days for mental ill health rocketed....

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Call for more social prescribing to tackle pandemic loneliness

6 Apr 2021

Access to social prescribing services must be expanded to help tackle the mental health consequences of loneliness and isolation caused...

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Why a wellbeing recovery, as well as an economic one, will be needed post pandemic

5 Mar 2021

The economic cost of the pandemic is not yet fully clear, even if the final bill is likely to eye-watering....

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City man stressed out financial services

Less than half don’t have health and wellbeing strategy

2 Mar 2021

Less than half (44%) of employers have an employee wellbeing strategy in place and a fifth do not intend to...

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Male ‘night owls’ more likely to retire early due to disability

25 Feb 2021

Male ‘night owls’ face an increased risk of early retirement because of disability, a study has suggested.
According to a...

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