Wellbeing and health promotion

Government’s Taylor Review response comes up short for OH

The Government’s long-awaited response to Matthew Taylor’s Review of Modern Working Practices made a lot of positive noises, but was...

Mental health in the workplace conference focuses on problems and solutions

5 Apr 2018

A recent conference brought together experts on mental health in the workplace to look at the growing evidence base on...

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Laying the foundations for wellbeing technology at work

2 Apr 2018

The organisational culture and environment plays a critical role in supporting and sustaining effective use of wellbeing technology at work....

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Mental health ‘a priority’, say CEOs, yet only one in six has a clear strategy

28 Mar 2018

Nearly two-thirds (60%) of UK chief executives identify employee mental health as a priority, yet just one in six (16%)...

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Toolkit encourages employers to promote healthy eating and exercise

14 Mar 2018

Business in the Community and Public Health England have published a toolkit to help employers encourage healthier eating and exercise...

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man stressed at work

Occupational health research round-up: March 2018

2 Mar 2018

This month’s crop of occupational health research papers includes a study showing the value of exercising mindfulness at work, the...

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Does health coaching have a role in employee wellbeing?

28 Feb 2018

May 2017 saw the launch of the UK Health Coaches Association. Founding members Dr Annabel Boys & Lyndy Stanway Marsh...

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Six in 10 employees experience workplace stress

15 Feb 2018

Almost six in 10 employees (59%) feel stressed because of their work, with those in finance, Government and healthcare under...

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Occupational health research round-up: February 2018

1 Feb 2018

This month’s crop of occupational health research papers includes a study showing that a quarter of UK workers would not...

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Nudge theory, gamification and e-assessments: the future of employee wellbeing technology?

1 Feb 2018

Employee wellbeing technology is increasingly being used to promote more healthy behaviour. In the third part of our in-depth guide...

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Employers offering health and wellbeing benefits on the rise

30 Jan 2018

The number of organisations with a designated fund for health and wellbeing benefits has risen by a quarter, following a...

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The case for linking employee wellbeing and productivity

27 Jan 2018

The UK’s productivity still lags behind that of other countries, but employers are failing to see the link between employee...

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Sleep problems

Supporting employees with sleep problems: the evidence base

24 Jan 2018

As evidence grows on sleep problems among employees, Dr Paul J Nicholson examines the research to find how best employers...

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The emerging role of digital in employee health & wellbeing strategies

21 Jan 2018

PROMOTED| Digital tools are transforming the private healthcare market. Healthcare providers who have embraced this technology shift are moving towards a customer-centred model of care.

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Toolkit aims to help employers tackle sleep deprivation

19 Jan 2018

Business in the Community and Public Health England have launched a toolkit to help employers reduce the risk of sleep...

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