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Early conciliation and tribunal fees – the changing landscape for employment disputes on-demand webinar

9 Apr 2014

From 6 May 2014, those seeking to bring an employment tribunal claim must first contact Acas so that an attempt...

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Implementing apprenticeships: why every business should have one on-demand webinar

18 Feb 2014

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In 2012/13, more than half a million new apprenticeships were started with more than...

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TUPE 2014 webinar: what the changes to the Regulations mean for employers on-demand webinar

15 Jan 2014

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Significant changes to the TUPE framework are coming into effect on 31 January 2014....

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Why apprentices make good business sense on-demand webinar

7 Jan 2014

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Apprenticeships have seen a steady increase in recent years, as employers and apprentices alike...

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Is absence getting your back up? on-demand webinar

15 Oct 2013

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After a period where absence levels have been declining, this Personnel Today webinar will...

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Making redundancies in your organisation on-demand webinar

9 Oct 2013

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In this free webinar, employment lawyer and XpertHR contributing author Laurie Anstis takes employers...

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How to cut your PMI costs without compromising cover on-demand webinar

11 Jun 2013

Private medical insurance (PMI) is an employee benefit that many employers are less inclined to review and update. But with...

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Managing long-term sickness absence on-demand webinar

6 May 2013

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In this free 60-minute webinar, in association with XpertHR, Laurie Anstis sets out a...

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The state of leadership today: improving leaders to boost the bottom line on-demand webinar

6 May 2013

In this Personnel Today webinar, in association with Hay Group, consultant Melody Moore shares research on the state of leadership...

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Redundancy consultations: a 60-minute guide for employers on-demand webinar

3 May 2013

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The law recognises that redundancies will cause employees great distress and accordingly requires employers...

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Key legal considerations when employing reservists on-demand webinar

25 Mar 2013

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There are currently around 36,000 volunteer reservists in the UK, making up approximately 14%...

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Five steps to a successful TUPE transfer on-demand webinar

5 Dec 2012

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Mergers, acquisitions and outsourcing where the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006...

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Talent management: What can metrics really tell you on-demand webinar

27 Nov 2012

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This webinar, presented in association with Cornerstone OnDemand, looks at how HR should measure...

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Performance dismissals: myths busted in 60 minutes on-demand webinar

2 Oct 2012

Many employers believe that dismissing an employee for poor performance is a complicated and technical task that risks an employment...

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Webinar: Pensions auto-enrolment – 10 things you need to know on-demand webinar

21 Aug 2012

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To try to ensure that the country’s workforce saves adequately for retirement, the Government...

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