90% of companies use 360 but many struggle with common issues

The latest estimates put use of 360-degree feedback (http://www.etsplc.com/What-We-Do/360-Degree-Feedback.aspx ) at an all-time high of around 90% of large companies. But many companies report common problems with 360 application. A new report, published today by HR consultancy ETS, focuses on use on the three biggest challenges in multi-rater feedback – as reported by HR practitioners. Leading organisations RBS, Sainsbury’s and security solutions giant G4S provide case study examples.

The report, titled 360-degree feedback: tackling the three biggest challenges (http://www.etsplc.com/resources/files/3-biggest-360-challenges.pdf ), explores three areas of multi-rater feedback that companies confess to having the greatest difficulty with. These are:

1. Organisational alignment
2. Feedback accuracy
3. Changing behaviour

Co-author of the report Janis Chng, Senior Business Psychologist at ETS, explains: “360-degree feedback can be a tremendously valuable and versatile tool for companies if implemented successfully. It can help companies embed cultural values, behaviours and ways of working, and in turn can boost employee engagement and retention, strengthen the employer brand and help increase customer service and revenue.”

The 360 challenges are explored in detail in the report – with pitfalls and recommended approaches outlined and further insights provided by senior HR professionals from banking group RBS, leading retailer Sainsbury’s and global security solutions firm G4S.

Janis Chng continues: “To leverage any strategic value from 360, it must be aligned to business strategy, measures must be taken to ensure the feedback is accurate and a firm commitment to follow-up actions on results is needed, in order to drive positive change.”