ORC International launches tool designed to enhance customer centricity

ORC International has launched its customer centricity tool, which enables organisations to gauge levels of customer centricity and provide focus for further progress.

Each question is designed to capture the employees’ reaction to five essential ingredients of customer-centric organisations. The tool:

• Assesses the organisation’s state of customer centricity.
• Reveals differences that may exist across the levels and functional roles of employees.
• Highlights action areas where focus is required to become a more customer-centric organisation.

The pilot was created based on findings gained from a panel survey*, which enabled ORC International to understand where the biggest gaps are between aspirations and reality in relation to employees’ views of customer centricity, and where focus is required.

Analysis of the data has revealed 5 broad dimensions influencing the customer experience:

• Communication
• Empowerment
• Management behaviours
• People processes
• Customer vision

A difference between employees’ understanding of the customer experience, according to their role and level within the organisation, has also been discovered:

“I can clearly explain the customer experience we are trying to achieve”
• Line managers 79%
• Non managers 74%
• Non customer facing 66%
• Customer facing 85%
• Senior managers 89%

This research has enabled ORC International to develop a concise and user friendly online survey. Comprised of around 30 questions, its focus is on the five factors influencing the customer experience. Short and easy to complete, it is on a standard 5 point scale and asks employees to mark how they feel about certain statements, ranging from strongly agree to strongly disagree. The results are then compiled into engaging report formats, which will enable managers to clearly identify areas for improvement.

It provides an opportunity for organisations to gain an insight into their current levels of customer centricity, and highlights where improvements could be made.

How do HR professionals feel about customer centricity?

Our HR Reflections study**, in which 900 HR professionals were asked the key performance priorities and challenges they could foresee for 2015, found that although organisations see the value of customer centricity, many are not putting this into practice:

• 93% told us that customer centricity was important to their organisation
• 38% hire and screen for customer-centric behaviours/attitudes
• 47% provide training to deliver the customer experience strategy
• 35% recognise and reward customer-centric behaviours
• 37% measure employees on their ability to deliver the customer experience.

Our off-the-shelf customer centricity tool helps to better match the intent with reality.

Why is customer centricity important?

Forrester tracked the stock performance of companies that led in customer performance and compared them with those which lagged behind. Stock prices of the companies that led grew over the five year period.

Similarly, PwC found that companies which had the best customer experience scores – or net promoter scores – were able to grow their market share, compared to those with a lesser score.

View our customer centricity video for more information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UzjkIEHXGI

*1,000 individual employees across the UK, US, Australia and Hong Kong were targeted in the panel survey.

**Results from ORC International’s 2014 HR Reflections study involving 900 HR professionals from organisations in the public, private and not for profit sectors, representing 29 countries across Europe, the United States and Asia Pacific. Questions were asked on the organisation’s performance priorities and key challenges for 2015.

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