Would you implement a duvet day?

An ingenious idea to tackle sick days first introduced in America more than ten years ago is slowly finding its way into many businesses in the UK.

Even the most motivated employee will sometimes need time off at short notice. And this is where the idea of so-called ‘duvet days’ has come from.

Some businesses are now including ‘duvet days’ in their annual leave policy. Some contracts will stipulate that staff can take a number of days per year at short notice with the days coming from their annual leave entitlement instead of being classed as sick days.

Such policies have generally been successful for companies often cutting sickness and absence by around 40%.

Adrian Lewis, Commercial Director of Codel Software, the developer of Activ Absence, a cloud based and easy to use absence management system, discusses his top tips for managing absence.

“Duvet days are becoming increasingly popular in businesses across the UK. It is a great way to encourage staff to not take as many sick days because they have the option of a few duvet days are year.

“Sometimes a day off with short notice is just what someone needs, especially if they have had a busy weekend, been on holiday, or are just not in the right frame of mind to work. The downside is you have to make sure that a lot of staff do not call in a duvet day after a major sporting or other type of event.”