HireRight launches partnership with onboarding specialist HiredByMe

Global background screening company HireRight has today announced the launch of a partnership with HiredByMe, a specialist provider of pre-employment screening and onboarding for contract workers.

“The number of contract vacancies in the financial services sector has boomed in recent months as fears and uncertainty around Brexit grew”, says Steve Girdler, Managing Director for EMEA at HireRight. “The number rose by 26% in June alone. But finding the right people to fill those gaps is only half the battle. It’s far from simple to give temporary workers the due diligence necessary for businesses to protect themselves and remain compliant, whilst also meeting project deadlines.”

HiredByMe puts pre-employment screening in the hands of contractors, on a platform that firms know, trust, and can easily audit. In doing so, it allows candidates to complete their background checks in advance, whilst they search for their next contract, not once the role is lined up.

Simon Bichara, founder of HiredByMe explains: “The service is designed specifically to meet the needs of contractors working in financial services, government and the technology sector. Workers in this space face the unique dual challenge of needing to move in and out of roles quickly, whilst at the same time being required to undergo a rigorous and often lengthy screening process due to the sensitive nature of the work.”

Girdler concludes: “For firms in these industries, the time it takes to hire temporary workers is key, because the roles they’re hired to fulfill tend to be not just short term, but urgent. Moving through this process quickly, without unnecessary delays can be the difference between the success and failure of a particular project”.