Secondsight: ‘the time has come to support staff on their road to obtaining financial freedom’

-New ‘Make Their Money Count’ book discusses how employers can run an effective financial education programme
-Darren Laverty believes too many companies simply paying lip service

Darren Laverty, partner at the employee benefits specialist, Secondsight (, firmly believes the question ‘what is financial education?’ has been well covered in the press. But he advises now is the time to flag how employers can support their workforce with financial education, and the processes that should be put in place.

In his recently published book ‘Make Their Money Count’, he looks at how to run an effective financial education programme – providing employers with a comprehensive guide. He comments:

“I believe that too many companies are paying lip service, and advising that they run financial education training for their staff, but my concern is how valid and tested this really is. We need to see more formal financial education programmes being run in the workplace, because – at the end of the day – financial wellbeing truly underpins both physical and psychological wellness.

“The world of financial planning has changed dramatically over the past 30 years, and what was considered by many as financial education in the past is, in my opinion, no longer enough. Retirement has become more complex, wage increases have stalled, the cost of living has climbed and savings have been eroded. Employees would truly benefit from guidance and education on how to make their financial lives and futures more safe and secure. Everybody wants to feel financially free.”

The book has been designed to help employers understand the importance of financial wellbeing strategies on an organisational level, and to look at why they have a positive impact on peoples’ lives away from their finances. Its aim is to expose the reader to the most overlooked but important aspects of financial education strategy. Topics covered include: promoting a financial education strategy, creating awareness for optimum results, the power of education, and the final steps to financial freedom.

It has already been read and commented on by leading HR and industry figures, including Baroness Altmann and the CIPD’s Charles Cotton. Both have shared their comments which are featured in the book.

Darren Laverty is passionate when it comes to financial education, and has worked with some of the UK’s most impressive employers. He adds:

“There is no better way to engage than to provide empowering information delivered in a fun format. The time has come for employers to really explore what they can do for their employees when it comes to financial education.”


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