Co-op Employee Relations Service upping their HR skills with their ‘Heads Up’

The Co-op has partnered with corporate wellbeing provider, Let’s Get Healthy to provide its Employee Relations team training that offers advice, treatment and steps to best support employees with mental health conditions.

The ‘Heads Up’ programme can be adapted to suit the needs of an organisation. In the Co-op it was delivered to forty colleagues within ER Services, including ER Specialists and the leadership team at venues in Bristol and Manchester in June. The programme is designed to develop and empower Co op’s line management population, whilst improving their basic knowledge on mental health and looks at the appropriate ways to convey this to their colleagues, whilst also bridging the gap between Co op managers and Co-op’s external health partners.

The ‘Heads Up’ bespoke training is delivered through bite size sessions, in the first stage colleagues receive a complete introduction and education around mental health conditions, through a series of engaging workshops. The second part will follow later this year looking into how these learnings are applied to Co-op’s ER cases, followed by an evaluation of its success.

Sadie Ashbee, Co-op’s ERS Delivery Manager said: “Our country has seen a sharp increase in the number of people suffering from mental health issues over the years. As an employer of 69,000 people who come from all walks of life, it’s important we remain proactive in our approach to ensure our colleagues are fully equipped to provide first class HR advice and ER support to every manager across all of the Co-op businesses.

“The new programme equips managers to take the right course of action, ensuring all coaches are enabled to give manager in the Co-op expert advice about employee mental health, whilst continuing to do what matters most for all our colleagues.”

Maria Bourke, Managing Director at Let’s Get Healthy said: “The ERS team support people every day and although companies increasingly invest in developing line managers to have skills to support employees, often the support for them is overlooked. It’s a privilege to work with the Co-op Group on such a vital project. The care shown to colleagues within the company is outstanding and the Co-op are true to their values to show they care. The bespoke ‘Heads Up’ training was designed for top level professionals, to ensure they are providing the best support within the Co-op group. The training has been so well received by a fantastic group of colleagues who gave their full commitment to the day.”
For more information on Let’s Get Healthy visit or call 01924 666295