epoints Employee Rewards the Workforce with New Look Recognition, Reward and Wellness scheme

Relaunched today, epoints Employee from IAT (Instant Access Technologies), offers a host of new features, which give employers and employees an engaging way to inspire individuals, peers and teams.

The epoints Employee recognition, reward and wellness scheme offers employers a unique and flexible approach to rewarding and motivating their team with online currency, epoints.

For employees, the scheme offers the freedom to choose from the widest choice of rewards in the world or to donate to charities, co-workers or pooled for teams to spend and celebrate together.

The new programme, recognises and rewards three main outcomes:
1. Tangible Targets – whether it’s sales, customer service, business efficiency, acquisition or retention – setting clear, measurable targets can be very motivating for employees, particularly when there is a tangible reward for hitting them in the form of additional epoints! Our customer survey found that 96% of employers thought that epoints had increased the motivation of their teams and 87% reported a specific improvement as a result of adding epoints to targets

2. Magic Moments – whether it’s recognising long service, a birthday, or just saying ‘thank you’, non-monetary value epoints e-cards can be shared across the workplace by all staff levels, be it by management or peer to peer – encouraging positive communication and recognition

3. Living Well – wellbeing and wellness is a hot topic within the workplace, and encouraging a healthy, environmentally-savvy workforce is beneficial to all parties. Do you have specific recycling or carbon footprint reduction targets? Or encourage walking, running or cycling to work? Through epoints Employee, your team can record their own wellbeing activities to top up on points.

Matt Norbury, CEO and Founder of digital innovation company IAT, says: “Research shows that happy staff are more productive, have less absenteeism and are more profitable than their peers*. That’s why we’re so excited to introduce our truly flexible reward solution, epoints Employee. In a space flooded with ‘me too’ and one size fits all benefits, epoints Employee gives your workforce the freedom to enjoy rewards when and where suits them, while being able to gain epoints outside of the workplace too!”

Importantly there are no set up or maintenance fees, and the admin platform is simple to use for all.

Unlike many rewards platforms, epoints Employee also offers individuals the opportunity to bolster their points outside of the workplace with a range of everyday activities such as shopping on and offline, playing games or referring friends. They can also collect and win epoints via partner deals app bigDL. With bigDL, employees can find the best deals across the high street and online and can collect when taking advantage when purchasing the deals or win them via the in app game Spin the Wheel.

Norbury, continues: “With epoints Employee, we have created a platform that is not only scalable, but delivers too. Offering digital and mobile access, and real-time reporting, epoints Employee will engage and motivate your workforce, while driving demonstrable, positive organisational performance.”

For further information on how to engage your employees through epoints Employee, visit www.epointsemployee.com or call us on 01189 796341.