40% of UK employees are bored at work

Research reveals how organisations are ignoring workers’ need for new opportunities

40 per cent of UK employees are bored at work with 47 per cent feeling stagnant or stuck in their current role. This is according to latest research by The O.C. Tanner Institute, which conducted a large-scale study to examine the factors that influence organisational culture.

“It’s staggering that so many workers feel that their jobs are mundane and are doing little to challenge them”, says Ian Feaver, European Director of O.C. Tanner.

The research also reveals that only 45 per cent of employees regularly learn new, valuable things in their current role and over half of employees believe their skills are underutilised. Just 44 per cent of employees have seen personal growth since starting at their organisation.

The O.C. Tanner Institute’s comprehensive global study involved six sets of two focus groups across six countries and a quantitative survey involving 9,622 respondents across 12 countries. This survey included 1,102 UK respondents who had a range of jobs and were from a cross-section of industries and socio-economic backgrounds. All respondents were from companies that had more than 500 employees.

Feaver says, “It’s clear from the study that many organisations are failing to find new opportunities for their workers. This isn’t just about career progression. It’s about stretching workers in terms of teaching them new skills, allowing them to make connections with a diverse range of employees and giving them opportunities to help influence important decisions.

Organisations that fail to address tedium and apathy amongst their workforces will be held back, delivering little innovation whilst struggling to hold on to their talent.”

The O.C. Tanner white paper ‘The 6 Essential Aspects of Workplace Culture to Focus on Today’ which discusses the full research can be downloaded at http://www.octanner.com/uk/institute/white-papers/the-6-essential-aspects-of-workplace-culture-to-focus-on-today.html