The RES Forum’s 2018 Annual Report – Rethinking Global Mobility: Moving Towards SAFE and Purposeful International Work

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SAFE global mobility (GM) enables organisations to design, execute and refine successful GM strategies, structures, policies and practices.  That is the key finding from the 2018 Annual Report from The RES Forum, the world’s largest and most active independent community for GM professionals.

SAFE GM stands for Smart organisational development, Agile strategic advice that supports the business and HR strategies, Flawless programme management that is highly compliant and employee-oriented and Efficient GM people effectiveness work that is developed based on an in-depth understanding of the motivational patterns and performance implications of assignees.

Written by Professor Michael Dickmann, Professor of International Human Resource Management at Cranfield University School of Management, the Annual Report charts the major GM trends and explores how GM departments can increase their reputation and success while preparing to tackle a dynamic future.

The Annual Report is split into five chapters that look at different elements of the SAFE GM agenda in depth. These include:

  • Smart organisational development (OD). International OD and talent management should be supported by GM programmes that have ‘SMART’ objectives (specific, measurable, achievable, results-focused and time-bound) and explains the non-monetary HR effects of GM policies and practices on individual assignees.
  • Agile GM: living the purpose and increasing value. GM departments need to move out of their comfort zones and silo mentality. They urgently need to understand organisational and HR strategies and should engage intensively with the business.
  • Flawless programme management. In an increasingly VUCA world, GM policies and practices need to shift, flex and adapt. Flawless GM programme management has at its core, high quality compliance, programme design and service provider relations that would benefit from the setting of specific and measurable objectives. The challenges and the implicit learning points identified in this chapter suggest that, for many companies, certain activities and approaches would be useful in optimising their programme management.
  • Efficient reward package design. This chapter looks at efficient global people effectiveness work and the trends in reward package design in major corporations. It provides detail in terms of different reward components in relation to short and long-term assignees, local plus staff, frequent business travellers and cross-border commuters and identifies differences in terms of business critical/strategic versus developmental assignments.
  • SAFE GM – managing alternative forms of international work. The first four chapters of the Annual Report argue that practicing SAFE GM with a purpose is likely to be useful for all multinationals and across the whole spectrum of international work. The data in these chapters also indicates that in many incidents the dynamic global developments necessitate alternative forms of GM. This chapter explores the trends and success factors of non-traditional forms of GM.

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